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April 22, 2021

Day 66: Rest day

At 8:15am I was picked up from the campground by a minibus and taken to the marina.

Our boat was called Thriller. Powered by 2 x 350 horsepower engines. 

It took an hour to drive to Whitsunday Island. The Whitsundays are a group of 72 islands.
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Getting off at the first stop.
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We did a short walk uphill...
Heart 3 Comment 0 a lookout with a spectacular view.
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Very white sand.
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Very happy to be here!
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After the walk I had a little swim. I was either brave or foolish to swim wearing only my shorts as irukandji are about. Remember me mentioning the lethal jellyfish?

Then it was time to prepare for snorkelling. This time I was prudent, wearing a 'stinger' suit.

The locals called the irukandji stingers. The suit is very thin and comfortable, unlike a wetsuit.

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We took a brief ride to the northern end of Whitsunday Island to do our first snorkel.

It was very good. Then we went a little further north to Hook Island for our second snorkel. It was very good also. All my pictures are mixed up between the two spots, sorry.

I had seen a couple turtles from the boat. This is the only one I saw snorkelling.
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Green sea turtle.

I found Nemo! Australian clownfish.
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Amphiprion rubrocinctus.

Scribbled rabbitfish.
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Scribbled rabbitfish.

Two-lined monocle bream and Rainford's butterfly fish.
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Two-lined monocle bream.

Rainford's butterfly fish.
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Rainford's butterfly fish.

Whitespotted shovel nose ray. About 2.5 metres in length.
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A good Latin name Rhynchobatus australiae.

I was very happy to see him and get a good pic. The guide was also impressed with the pic and said I should hashtag it. I don't know how to do that.

There was lots of other fish but it's hard to photograph them under water. They won't stay still and they always turn away from me when I want to take the picture.

It was very hard to take this pic as I had to do it upside down so the sunlight was on my face.
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Annie O'SheaReally loved the photos and I agree with you very good value even I'd pay it hahahahaha. Keep enjoying you trip
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3 weeks ago

It was a pretty awesome day! I love the colours and shape of the fish and coral.

It cost about $180 for the day. I think it was worth every cent.

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