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April 16, 2021

Day 60: Rest day

I was woken at 4am by the train's horn. It took me a while to return to sleep and then I didn't want to get up when my alarm went off at 5:30am.

So I decided to have a rest day. It's such a pretty spot it wasn't hard to persuade myself to have another day off.

I spent the day reading. I had finished my bird book and exchanged it for a novel at the camp kitchen yesterday. 

I was pleased to see someone had taken the bird book by this morning. It was a great read.

This is a goat's foot. It is a common beach front plant.
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Kerrie McCarthyLooks similar to a hibiscus
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3 weeks ago

Goat's foot

I spent much of the day reading in the shade with a cool sea breeze. Occasionally I would take a break from reading and watch the water. There were turtles and dugongs breaking the surface of the water to breathe.

The turtles came within 15 metres of the shore, and dugongs 100 metres.

Clairview is a dugong sanctuary. Dugongs are commonly known as sea cows because they munch on sea grass. They can reach 400kgs in weight.

Other great news today is that Queenslanders no longer have to wear a mask indoors. Yippee!

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