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March 16, 2021

Day 30: Byron Bay to Kingscliff

Start: 8am
Distance: 60kms
Ride time: 3:31hrs
Average: 17km/hr
Max: 54km/hr 
Finish: 1:15pm

It didn't rain during the night. It was a little windy so I was able to pack up a dry tent for the first time in a long time. 

I ate breakfast at the Bayleaf Cafe. It tasted so yummy and nutritious. Lots of green stuff and seeds. A great start to the day.
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Crossing the Belongil Creek.
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More street art on the edge of town.
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Then it was time to do some more kms on the noisy highway. 

After a while I heard a noise coming from my rear tyre.

I stopped to check and found this small screw stuck in the tread.
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Rachael AndersonThat doesn’t look good!
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1 month ago

I unscrewed it easily enough. It didn't penetrate through the puncture-proof lining of the tyre. Phew!

It was an overcast morning which kept the temperature to about 20C. It made the cycling so much easier without the hot sun beaming down on me. 

The sun came out after a while and I stopped and covered myself in sunscreen. And then 10 minutes later it started to rain.

It was only light drizzling rain. Not wet or cold enough for me to put my rain jacket on. Eventually though I became pretty wet.

I turned off the highway and on to the Tweed Coast Road. I stopped at Pottsville for a salad roll and another  coffee for lunch.

Then the rain stopped and it was back to pleasant cycling weather. I even had a small tailwind. 

I used several different cycle paths.

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Veronica JoinerThat's a nice one. What was the waterway you were riding next too?
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyI'm sorry, I'm not sure. It only went for 200m.
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1 month ago
Some surfers at Norries Head.
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A nicely decorated beach house.
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This banksia was on one of the bike paths. It is easily identifiable by the saw-tooth edge of the leaves.
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Bansksia serrata

Tweed Holiday Park Kingscliff Beach is right on the beach.
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$45 for a powered site. I always choose an unpowered site if it is an option. Some parks only have powered sites. This site was covered in fake turf.
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Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 1,507 km (936 miles)

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