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March 11, 2021

Day 25: Corindi to Grafton

Start: 8:45am
Distance: 55kms
Ride time: 3:21hrs
Average: 16km/hr
Max: 48km/hr 
Finish: 2pm

Surprisingly my tent only had a small leak last night and nothing got wet.

It was an overcast morning and the clouds and the weather forecast rain.

I continued along the Solitary Islands Way for a while.

These clouds later drenched me.
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Then I had to ride along the main highway for about 20 or 30 kms. It was very noisy. I had a wide shoulder which was nice and the gradients are always easier on the big highways.

It rained intermittently. Usually as I was almost dry, that's when it rained again.

After a while, I turned off the highway and onto Big River Way towards Grafton.

Today's tree pic.
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I came to some roadworks.
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These were difficult to proceed through as they only had traffic lights. If there was a person, they could radio to the otherside that I was coming through.

Of course, this meant the other side were given a green light to proceed before I had reached the end. This stuff is only slightly annoying to me as I'm used to the poor roadworks management now. 

It does make it interesting as every time I see a new roadworks sign, I wonder how it will play out.

Anyway, I arrived in Grafton with no issues except being a little wet.

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Old Grafton Bridge crossing the Clarence River. 1932. This has a road on top and a rail beneath. The only one of this type in NSW. It is a bascule bridge that no longer operates.
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Grafton Bridge

I found a cafe just in time before a heavy shower began. This is a jacaranda tree. They have attractive purple flowers.
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Jacaranda tree

The Grafton Jacaranda Festival is in October. 

I've almost finished my 3rd book of this trip. This is amazing as I'm a slow reader. I went to a book shop to get my 4th book.

Old and new.
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Pascoe's book has been very interesting. It provides lots of evidence that many  Aboriginals were farmers. This proves they were far more advanced than what has been previously taught, that they were only hunter gatherers.

Bruce Copeman left a comment on my journal saying he had the same problem with his leaking tent. He used a cheap tarp as a ground sheet.

I followed his advice and rode to Bunnings in the heavy rain and bought a cheap tarp. Thank you Bruce.

I thought about my options on how I wanted to spend the wet afternoon and evening. The end result was that I booked a motel so I could enjoy the comforts they offer. 

This is the first time I've wussed out and taken the easy option. All the free camps I've done can pay for the hotel tonight.

España Motel. $110
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When the rain wasn't too heavy, I laid out my tent so I could cut the tarp down to the right size.
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Sandra LawnHi Vince
Enjoying following your restart tour.
The blue tarp works really well, this is what I take on every tour and never have a problem. Also another layer of warmth.

Go well
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2 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Sandy. I'm much relieved to have the tarp.
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2 months ago

I spent the evening being grateful I was dry and warm. And finished reading Pascoe's book.

Today's ride: 55 km (34 miles)
Total: 1,261 km (783 miles)

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