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February 24, 2021

Day 10: Dubbo to Mendooran

Start: 8am
Distance: 77kms
Ride time: 5:04hrs
Average: 15km/hr
Max: 37km/hr 

Finish: 3pm

I started riding out of town while Serena bought me a salad roll for lunch and a coffee for now. She caught up with me once I had done a few kms.

We said farewell and we'll next meet in Brisbane.

On my way proper, after having a nice coffee and a yummy muffin.
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It was very windy all day. It was either a headwind or a crosswind. The temperature was a warm 28C.

The traffic was very light with only 10 cars/hr.

Farm gate art.
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After an hour or so, I was stopped on the side of the road having a short rest. A car stopped and Micheal go out and offered to fill up my water bottle. 

I was grateful as the wind was making progress slow and the extra water would be needed. Such a kind thing for him to do.

Most of the day was riding through the Goonoo State Conservation Area.
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I saw pretty flowers on the roadside. 

Bill identified this as a Native Daisy. Thanks Bill.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMight be native daisy. At least it fairly well matches images on the internet for the area.
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2 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill!
I give you 3 gold stars! Excellent work. Thank you.
I've updated the blog with your links.
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2 months ago

Native daisy

Bill identified this as a Bluebell. Thanks Bill.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMatches well with Australian bluebell images.
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2 months ago


Bill identified this as a Yellow Paper Daisy. Thanks Bill.
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Bill ShaneyfeltYellow paper daisy.
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2 months ago

Yellow Paper Daisy

It felt like a long day on the bike. I think 5 hours riding is enough for me until I get more fit.

I arrived in to Mendooran and went straight to a cafe and drank a large milkshake.

It's a small town and has a couple nice buildings.

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The campground is free and there are cold showers. I didn't mind as I was pretty hot from the ride.
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Rita McCarthyGreat pictures. Love the penny farthings. Wish you luck for tomorrow not much fun with a head wind especially if there’s rain as well.
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2 months ago
Vince McCarthyI was lucky. The rain never eventuated. Just another hot day on the bike.
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2 months ago

Tomorrow's forecast is for 20-45mm rain plus a headwind. I'll see how it looks in the morning before deciding what I'll do.

Today's ride: 77 km (48 miles)
Total: 525 km (326 miles)

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