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Pandemic Purgatory

Domestic Cycle Journeys Throughout the Pandemic

By Fit Steve
1,691 km (1,050 miles) over 618 days between Dec. 27, 2020 and Sep. 5, 2022


Introduction and Journal Re-Organizing heart 2
2020 Was Only the Start (Edited) heart 6

First Domestic Trip: Fujian Mountains

The First Vaccine Dose heart 11
To Restore the Montague heart 13
The Second Vaccine Dose heart 11
The Montague Gets a Makeover heart 12
Day F1: Tried and Tested heart 13
Day F2: The Two Finger Salute heart 25
Day F3: Breakdown in the Mountains heart 21
Day F4: A Few Screws Loose heart 16
Blast From the Past: This Same Trip in 2003 heart 3
Day F5: Made It! heart 13
Day F6: Off to Shenzhen heart 4
Day F7: Shakedown in Shekou heart 10
Day F8: Ride Around the City heart 12
Having Doubts About the Vaccine heart 5
Days F9-10: Next Up, Guangzhou (By Bike and Bus) heart 6
Logistics: Getting a Bike on the Plane heart 2
Shenzhen the Second Time heart 10
Trip Over for Now heart 3

Second Domestic Trip: Shenzhen and Guangzhou

The Route and Plan heart 0
Days S1-5: Decompression and Fitness heart 0
Day S6: Fences to Beaches heart 0
Day S7: HIIT It heart 0
Day S8: Power On heart 0
Day S9: Into the Beast heart 0
Day S9-11: Guangzhou Chilling heart 0
Day S12: The Test heart 0
Day 13: Sunshine and Discounts heart 0

A Short Getaway

Day 1: Dashing Out the Door heart 0
Day 2: Blast From the Past heart 0
Day 3: Searching for a Scooter heart 0

Third Domestic Trip: Hainan Island Traverse

Groundhog Day heart 1
The Third Vaccine Dose heart 1
Days H1-2: Successful Island Arrival heart 2
Day H3: Leaving the City heart 0
Day H4: The GPS That Got Away heart 0
Day H5: Back to Civilization heart 0
Day H6: Enter Sanya heart 0
Day H7: Active Rest heart 0
Day H8: Bay Transfer heart 0
Ending the Trip in Style heart 0
Takeaways from Nearly 3 Years heart 0

Fourth Domestic Trip: Shenzhen and Guangzhou Again

Day G1: Missing a Flight at the Hangzhou Airport heart 3
Days G2-6: Rained Out in Shenzhen heart 3
Days G7-9: Guangzhou Side Trip That Went Sideways heart 12
Days G10-11: Amusement? heart 0
Bike Serviced, Trip Over heart 0

Family Tragedy and Setting the Stage for What's Next

Dad Passes Away heart 1