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April 21, 2021

Day 13 - Panama City to Sandestin

A spate of aggravations

We really believe that this tour is going to be fun.  The fun just hasn't started yet.  It was another day of aggravation and uncomfortable riding.

We left the hotel in Panama City and rode through some very run down parts of town.  Once we got through that, we had to negotiate a busy highway and multi-lane bridge over the bay to get over to Panama City Beach.   It has been about five years since we last cycled this area.  The growth has been significant.  The roads were much busier than we remember and the quiet seaside towns are now solid masses of huge condos on the beach side and endless retail outlets on the opposite side. 

Beach town "beauty"
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And excellent entertainment options
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I will say that I did find this business appealing.  There have been times when I had an urgent need for coffee, donuts or ice cream!

Offering urgent care for irresistible urges!
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Rich McKayWas the "urgent care" a medical marijuana dispensary? The shop next to it would make even more sense!
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3 months ago
Jeanna & Kerry SmithTo Rich McKayGood point:)
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3 months ago

There was real beauty here and there.

Views like this were scarce today.
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There was a bike trail much of the way, but it was crowded with walkers and families on bikes, making it difficult for us to ride safely.

An open stretch of trail. I couldn't take any photos while were were dodging walkers and runners (oblivious to their surroundings with their ear buds in) and kids on bikes.
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On top of all this, we had more tire problems.  Yesterday, when Kerry changed the flat, he could not find anything in the tire and figured that it was just a puncture.  Today at about mile 20, another slow leak developed.  We stopped at a Subway and changed tubes, and again Kerry could not find anything in the tire.  About 7 miles later, yet another leak developed.  Thanks to our Tyrewiz, we could monitor the pressure.  It was a slow leak, about 2 psi per mile, so Kerry decided that we would just ride, pumping up the tire as needed, and he would deal with it at the hotel.  All in all, we had to stop 4 more times to add air.  Tonight he finally found the problem - it was a very small piece of wire that finally exposed itself.  Using a pair of tweezers, Kerry extracted it and he hopes that that is the end of the problem. (if not, it's Bye-Bye tire - Kerry)  

Since I have gotten so much sympathy and concern for my dog bite, Kerry wanted to be sure you all knew about the serious case of "pump palm" he acquired today.
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Bill ShaneyfeltFinding tire wires is tough, but a number of years ago on a now extinct cycle touring site (Phred) I learned that carrying a wad of cotton to wipe around inside a tire with a slow leak will reveal the culprit when its fibers catch. It saves bloody fingers! Another thought is using Stans or other tire puncture sealer like slime, etc. Enjoying following along!
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3 months ago

We did meet some nice people today.  Here's Kathy, the clerk at Tom Thumb in Santa Rosa Beach.  We fibbed a little and told her we could make her famous by putting her in out journal.

Kathy - famous in the Cycle Blaze community??
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Continuing on the trail after our stop at the Tom Thumb, a cyclist on a recumbent trike rode up behind us.  He and his wife have a recumbent tandem and he lives in my hometown, Charlotte, NC.

Jerry - proud owner of several recumbents - tandems, LWB, and trikes!
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We had fun riding with him and talking for a few miles.

True to the general tone of the day, half a mile before our hotel, we had to get off the bike and walk around this:

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I'll end with the best thing that happened today.  I got a call from the Lafayette County Health Department letting me know that the dog that bit me is fully vaccinated for rabies and is now in quarantine for 10 days.  They will call me again when the quarantine is over.  That was very good news!

Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 583 miles (938 km)

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Francie GassGood grief, what a day! A little of everything. Tweezers came in handy for us too....sometimes the only way to get those steel fibers out.
Hope your "troubles" are behind you!!
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3 months ago
Jerry MorrisHello, this is Jerry. The guy from Charlotte that followed you. We are back home and it looks like your ride got better every day. Good luck and safe travels.
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2 months ago
Jeanna & Kerry SmithTo Jerry MorrisThanks for checking in, Jerry. It was great meeting you. Show your wife how much fun can be had on a recumbent tandem!
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2 months ago