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April 22, 2021

Day 14 - Sandestin to Milton

A good day

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Finally, we had a good day from start to finish.  We didn't leave our hotel until almost 10AM because it was chilly this morning.  It was 48 when I woke up and probably close to 60 by the time we got on the road. 

 Our waterfront route was nice than yesterday's.  We could actually see the water in places!

You can see that I didn't get off the bike to take this picture, but is was a pretty view.
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The first several miles were on a two lane road with no shoulder, but there was a bike/pedestrian path.  As was the case yesterday, it was crowded with walkers and a bit awkward to ride, but we did it.  It was a relief to get back on the road when the shoulder returned.

Our first stop was at the Destin Fishing Museum.  The original community of Destin was built on commercial fishing.  Recreational and charter boat fishing remains very big here.

This is a replica of the last seine net boat built in Destin.  It was used from 1925-1968.

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I added a close up of the information plaque.

The boat was known for it's mullet catch. If you have never eaten mullet, you need to try it the next time you are in Florida - fried, smoked or made into a dip, it is delicious!
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One more thing from the museum.  Can anyone identify this machine?  The answer is in the next picture.

Image not found :(
What is this thing?
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It's a manual air pump for divers.
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Traveling west from Destin, we crossed Choctawhatchee Bay.  There was a large collection of various watercraft congregated in a shallow area.  We found out that this is Crab Island.  It is a shallow submerged sandbar in the bay and a very popular gathering spot for boating, paddling and swimming.  There are floating restaurants and "food boats".

Crab Island
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We had a tailwind today for one of the very few times on this trip so far.  The route was mostly on divided highways with good shoulders or designated bike lanes.  There wasn't much to see, but we were happy to ride along in the fresh air under blue skies and just enjoy being on the bike.

Near the end of today's ride, we crossed the Yellow River just south of Milton.  There were three large rafts with apparently uniformed military personnel.   We figured it was a training exercise.

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Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day with a tailwind.  We'll leave Florida for two nights in Alabama.

Today's ride: 51 miles (82 km)
Total: 634 miles (1,020 km)

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