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June 16, 2020

Day 17 - Mt. Vernon, IL to Vandalia, IL

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It was a long and pretty uneventful ride today.  I hate to use the word boring for cycle touring, but it's the most descriptive word for today.  

We saw wheat fields.
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We saw corn fields. (Lest you wonder, we also saw bean fields. - Kerry)
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High class gated corn?? At a road intersection, we saw this fence and thought it was part of a prison grounds or something, but there were no buildings. We decided it must just be really special corn. - Kerry
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This short one lane bridge was the only road construction we encountered today. It reminded me that yesterday we came to a sign announcing "Road construction next 12 miles". We were a little concerned, but it must have been a sign ready to be removed, because we had 12 miles of beautiful smooth new pavement to ride.
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In the little town of Dix we stopped at a convenience store and noticed the lot next door was full of UPS trucks. Kerry talked to some of the drivers and learned that Dix, IL is midway between Chicago and Nashville. Drivers from each city meet in Dix every day to exchange trailers. There were at least a dozen UPS trucks in the lot when we were there.
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Rest and food stops have not been much fun on this trip.  We usually have a great time talking with people where ever we stop about the bike, our trip, the town we're in, local information - just anything.  With Covid, of course, people aren't inclined to engage in conversations in stores and no indoor food service is allowed, so there are no long talks over meals.  It is uncomfortable to stand outside and try to eat, but sometimes there is just no other choice.  

At our last stop in Patoka, we were hot, tired and both had "hot foot" from our cleats, so we really needed some comfort.  The convenience store's deli section had all the tables roped off, but the ladies there were kind enough to let us sit and rest in their air conditioned space.  We didn't eat, so I don't think we broke any rules.

Thank you, Amber and Chelsea, so being so nice!
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The Vandalia Railroad (VRRC). Established in 1983, it became a subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp in 1984. It is truly a short-line railroad as it only has 5 1/2 miles of track and 2 locomotives.
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Tomorrow is a rest day - we think we've earned it after three 60 mile days in a row!

Today's ride: 62 miles (100 km)
Total: 182 miles (293 km)

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JP CharronHello guys
Nice to see pictures of you, on the road again 👍
It look like you are doing a good trip.
Hotels and B&B must be happy to get clients 😊
Thank to share your journal, always very interesting.
Pierre and Sylvie xx
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1 year ago
Keith A. SpanglerWell, things seem to be going smoothly, so glad! I noticed you were doing some trails that is always nice for me; get away from the cars. I won't bother you, just wanted to say hi!
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1 year ago