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June 12, 2020

Day 13 - E-town to Ullin

Today we rode from E-town to Ullin. Another great ride. Little traffic and a tail wind. You ask what little traffic is? Little traffic is when you need to empty your bladder, get off your bike, empty your bladder and not see a car for 10 minutes.

Today was my last ride. I want to publicly thank Jeanna for being our SAG support Leader. She was like Sacagawea as Kerry and I were like Lewis and Clark. She would scout ahead and have food and cold drinks waiting for us at every stop. The only thing she wouldn't do was give us foot messages. Well maybe not the only thing she wouldn't do. Not having to lug around all of our stuff made each mile so much easier. Now that Kerry and Jeanna will have to lug around all of their stuff will surely slow things down. Jeanna is really looking forward to some hills with grades > 5%. NOT!!

Wild daylillys in every ditch. Go MOMMA NATURE, GO.
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Keith A. SpanglerThanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences
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4 weeks ago
Talk about a plant based diet. Huge fields of corn and soy beans.
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