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August 2, 2022

Day 8: To Fredericia and home

I was up at 5:30 once again and found myself walking Kevin to get him back to sleep, along the same stretch of road I had walked along on the first morning out from Aalborg. Now it was the last morning of the trip and I was quite sad about that, which I took to be a good sign ahead of our much longer trip to Belgium.

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Kevin didn’t sleep for very long and I hung out with him in the garden to let Dea sleep. It was a bit cold and windy but Kevin had enough clothes and he was fine. Coming to the north of Denmark has actually been a good practice for potentially cycling home from Belgium again after we have visited England. That would be going into October and we might have some colder weather, so it’s nice to know Kevin can handle being out in some chillier conditions.

Still smiling. Let’s go!
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Dea woke up and we rode back down the hill that we’d toiled up out of Aalborg on Day one. “Are we in Aalborg already?” she asked as we reached the city streets in what felt like no time. “Come on, Dea, you know it’s much faster coming down from the mountains!”

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There were a few steep hills to climb on the way through Aalborg but we made it all the way to the park outside the train station in one go. That meant we had three hours to wait for our train, so we made ourselves at home on a picnic bench. It was quite a lively park and Kevin got attention from all least three different strangers who were interested in talking to us about our travels. Kevin charmed them all, of course!

Just to clarify, we had put Kevin on the blanket and he had rolled off, Dea wasn’t just taking it for herself and leaving him in the grass!
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Getting on the train was a hassle, mostly because even though the train was at the platform half an hour before departure, the doors weren’t unlocked until ten minutes before, by which time the platform was full of people desperate to rush onto the train. I then had to step on with each bike and ask some of them to move out of the seats we had reserved. But we got everything on again and the three hour train ride was really quite okay. Kevin was again just brilliant, looking keenly around at everything, not getting upset at all, and of course catching up on some well deserved rest. He didn’t even get upset about his very wet nappy due to the toilets being out of order, which is more than can be said for me after it leaked out onto my own trousers.

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Getting everything off the train in Fredericia was even more stressful but we managed it and just had the four kilometres left to cycle home. Unfortunately it was raining. That didn’t matter so much with a rain cover over the trailer and a warm house four kilometres away. But we decided that we needed to get some supplies, so I popped to the supermarket near the station while Dea cycled our little boy home. That meant I wasn’t exactly ending the tour in glorious fashion, cycling all by myself into a rainy headwind, but at least the bad weather meant my trousers got completely soaked, and so I avoided coming home with a suspicious pee stain on my crotch. But, when I reached our community, Dea was just pushing Kevin and the trailer inside after he’d finished his latest little nap, so in a way we did end it together. And all in all it had been a great success. A perfect little practice tour that sets everything up nicely for the main event!

Home sweet home!
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Today's ride: 17 km (11 miles)
Total: 163 km (101 miles)

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Rachael AndersonWow, what a great adventure! You’re are amazing parents and Kevin is so cute! What a lucky child to get started so early on bicycle touring! I look forward to following your future travels.
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