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March 23, 2021


It was pretty chilly this morning so we struggled to get out of bed.  We only got going at about a quarter past nine by which stage it was already quite warm.  It seemed that it was colder in in dingy digs than outside.

We made our escape and started up a gentle climb for about fifteen kilometers.  Just outside of town we came upon a guest farm which would have been a far better choice of accommodation than what we settled on last night.

Since Middelburg the countryside has become more grassy and not really part of the Karoo.  Apart from the Koffiebus and Teebus, there has been little to catch our attention and the most enjoyable part of today's ride was the quiet road and pleasant weather.  In contrast to our circuit through the Karoo and the West Coast during the ninth step we have had very little wind to bother us and today was no different.  The great road conditions have also made cycling easy.

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There have been a lot of farm dams full of water on today's ride. This one held a massive flock of South African Shelducks (Tadorna cana) a species we usually only see in pairs.
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Having taken it easy for most the day, we raced into Middelburg feeling as if we are starting to get fit again.  We had pre-booked accommodation in Middelburg but hadn't counted on it being at the top of a ridiculously steep climb.  Suddenly we felt less fit.  Our digs for the next two nights can't be more different from last night's.  Clean, well equipped and good value for money.  I have also found a less arduous route to get here from the local supermarket.  

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Today's ride: 71 km (44 miles)
Total: 614 km (381 miles)

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