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March 24, 2021


We have enjoyed a restful day here in Burgersdorp.  A bit of work, a stroll down the very steep hill into town to do a bit of grocery shopping and a walk to a blockhouse from the second Anglo-Boer War.  During the war the British built hundreds of blockhouses, mostly long the railways lines.  Many are still standing (we last saw one on the 9th step between Wolseley and Worcester) but this one seems to have had a few modern embellishments.

The blockhouse is perched on a hill above the railway line. The concrete staircase must be a later edition to when it was built..
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When I peered though a spy-hole in the door I got a big surprise!
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Somewhere in relatively recent history someone had been using it as a pub !
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Tomorrow we head to Aliwal North.

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