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Grampies Ride Again! Summer 2015

4500 km Recovery Ride through Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy

By Steve Miller/Grampies
4,133 km (2,567 miles) over 104 days between Jul. 21, 2015 and Nov. 1, 2015
Introduction heart 3
Thinking About Andermatt heart 1
Pack Up and Go!: (Not So Fast) heart 1
Babbling About Maps: and Babbling About Babbling heart 0
We're Ready To Go: But the Calendar Says Wait heart 0
Touring Styles heart 0
Erdbeeren Schnitte: Jumping the Gun heart 0
Seventeen Days Hauling Kids 273 km: Are We In Shape Yet? heart 0
Zero kms heart 0

Stage One: Brussels to Metz

The Adventure Begins: Sort Of heart 0
Day 1: Brussels Airport to Downtown Brussels heart 0
Day 2: Brussels: People of Tomorrow heart 0
Day 3: Brussels to Luttre heart 0
Day 4: Luttre to Namur: Belgian Nightmare heart 0
Day 5: Namur, Belgium to Givet, France: Tres a-Meuse-ant! heart 0
Day 6: Givet to Revin: Happy Seventh Birthday, Avi and Violet! heart 0
Day 7: Revin to Charleville - Mezieres, France heart 0
Day 8: Charleville to Pouilly heart 0
Day 9: Pouilly to Verdun, France heart 0
Day 10: Verdun to Metz: Next time, take the train! heart 0

Stage Two: The Moselle, in France and Germany

Day 11: Metz to Yutz, France heart 0
Day 12: Yutz, France: With a German Preview heart 0
Day 13: Yutz, France to Grevenmacher, Luxemburg: One day, three countries heart 0
Day 14 Grevenmacher, Luxemburg to Bernkastel-Kues, Germany heart 0
Day 15: Bernkastel to Ediger, Germany: Super Day heart 0
Day 16: Ediger to Koblenz, Germany: Steamy Day on the River heart 0

Stage Three: The Rhine and the Main

Day 17: Koblenz to Oberwesel heart 0
Day 18: Oberwesel to Mainz, Germany heart 0
Day 19: Mainz to Burgel heart 0
Day 20: Burgel to Aschaffenburg, Germany heart 0
Day 21: Aschaffenburg to Miltenberg, Germany heart 0

Stage Four: The Tauber to Rothenburg

Day 22: Miltenberg to Reicholzheim heart 0
Day 23: Reicholzheim to Oberreichenbach, Germany heart 0
Day 24:Oberreichenbach to Hallendorf, Germany (and back): Joining the gang heart 0
Day 25: Rothenburg ob der Tauber heart 0

Stage Five: The Romantische Strasse to Donauworth: Well shoot. We used the train to entirely skip this section!

Stage Six: The Via Claudia Augusta: Through the Alps to Verona, Italy

Day 26: Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Augsburg (by train) then to Graben heart 0
Day 27: Graben to Schongau, Germany heart 0
Day 28: Schongau, Germany to Reutte, Austria heart 0
Day 29: Reutte to Biberweir (mid-day), then Nassereith, Austria heart 0
Day 30: Nassereith to Landeck, Austria heart 1
Day 31: Landeck, Austria to Glurns (Glorenza), Italy heart 0
Day 32: Glurns to Merano (Meran), Italy heart 0
Day 33: Merano to Bolzano (Italy) heart 0
Day 34: Bolzano to Trento: One Ice Man, Two Drowned Rats heart 0
Day 35: Trento to Rivalto: Out of the ditch and into Grampie Heaven heart 0
Day 36: Rivalta to Verona, Italy heart 0
Day 37: Verona: White, red, and black marble heart 0

Stage Seven: Verona to Venice, Italy: This is one more bit that we warped through by train!

Day 38: Verona to Venice, Italy heart 0
Day 39: Venice, Italy heart 0

Stage Eight: Down to the Po River and along it, to Milan, Italy

Day 40: Venice to Chioggia heart 0
Day 41: Chioggia to Porto Viro heart 0
Day 42: Porto Viro to Berra (mid day) to Francolino: Still alive and on a safe road now! heart 0
Day 43: Francolino to Ferrara heart 0
Day 44: Ferrara to Ostiglia heart 0
Day 45: Ostiglia to Montova heart 1
Day 46: Montova to Sabbioneta heart 0
Day 47: Sabbioneta to Parma heart 0
Day 48: Parma to Cremona heart 1
Day 49: Cremona: Amati, Guernari, and Stradivari heart 0
Day 50: Cremona to Crema: heart 0
Day 51: Crema to Milan heart 0
Day 52: Milan heart 0
Day 53: Milan: Expo 2015 heart 0
Day 54: Milan: Expo 2015 Second Try heart 0

Stage Nine: Milan Over the Alps to Andermatt, Switzerland and on to EuroVelo 6

Day 55: Milan, Italy, to Chiasso, Switzerland heart 0
Day 56: Chiasso to Taverne, Switzerland heart 0
Day 57: Taverne to Fluelen, Switzerland heart 0
Day 58: Fluelen to Lucerne, Switzerland: Go Directly to Jail heart 0
Day 59: Lucerne to Aarau, Switzerland heart 0
Day 60: Aarau to Basel, Switzerland heart 0

Stage Ten: To the Loire and on to Nantes, France

Day 61: Basel, Switzerland to Mulhouse, France heart 0
Day 62: Mulhouse to Montbeliard heart 0
Day 63:Montbeliard to Baume les Dames: A Doub-ious Day heart 0
Day 64: Baume les Dames to Besancon: Three Strikes and You're Out heart 0
Day 65: Besancon to Dole heart 0
Day 66: Dole to Seurre heart 0
Day 67: Seurre to Chalon sur la Saone heart 0
Day 68: Chalon to Montceau les Mines heart 0
Day 69: Montceau les Mines to Bourbon-Lancy heart 0
Day 70: Bourbon-Lancy to Decize heart 0
Day 71: Decize to La Charite sur Loire heart 0
Day 72: La Charite sur Loire to Briare heart 0
Day 73: Briare to Jargeau heart 0
Day 74: Jargeau to Beaugency: Joan of Arc central heart 0
Day 75: Beaugency to Cour Cheverny: Steve, move that hairy ass! heart 0
Day 76: Cour Cheverny to Chenonceau heart 0
Day 77: Chenonceau to Tours heart 0
Day 78: Tours to Villandry heart 0
Day 79: Villandry to Saumur heart 0
Day 80: Saumur to Angers: C'mon Mairie de La Dagueniere, get serious! heart 0
Day 81: Angers to Ancenis heart 0
Day 82: Ancenis to St Luce: Reunited with Michel heart 0
Day 83: St Luce to Nantes (and back): Grampies (Barely) Hit 4000 km heart 0
Day 84: Nantes heart 0
Day 85: Paris heart 0
Day 86: Paris: Super, Glitzy heart 0
Day 87: Paris: Happy Birthday Dodie! heart 0
Day 88: Paris to Nantes heart 0
Day 89: Nantes (St Luce) to Suce-sur-Erdre (and back) heart 0
Day 90: Nantes heart 0
Day 91: Nantes to Montreal: Well, no riding but we did actually push our bikes about 1/4 km! heart 0
Day 92: Montreal heart 0
Day 93: Montreal: Vieux Montreal (or not) heart 0
Day 94: Montreal: A tale of three baguettes heart 0
Day 95: Montreal: Back to Supersize Coffee heart 0
Day 96: Montreal: St. Viateur Bagel on Rue du Mont-Royal, and more heart 0
Where Are We Now: Cobble Hill, BC heart 0

Stage Eleven: Looking Back

Places and Routes heart 0
Equipment and Services heart 0
Statistics: Hit Count heart 0
Statistics: What It Cost heart 0
Statistics: The Weather heart 0
Statistics: Daily Distances heart 0
Thoughts on "Grampies Ride Again!" heart 0

Stage Twelve: Looking Forward

Where Next heart 0
Sooner Than Later heart 0