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March 13, 2022

Spring forward to a new town

Winter Garden to Tallahassee, FL

We both woke up groggy and feeling like zombies due to our extra late night at the Elks and Daylight Savings Time. Losing an hour sure messes up my body and I wished we were still in Arizona as they don't do this time change anymore.

Today was a travel day, so we had to drag ourselves out of bed and finish getting ready to move. A temperature in the low 40's made the outdoor chores very unpleasant. I had to pull out my wool hat and winter jacket!.

As we moved slowly through the routine, DISASTER struck!!!!!!! Don came into the trailer saying he couldn't find his wallet anywhere. We stopped packing, and literally tore the truck and trailer apart hunting for the elusive wallet. No go. 

He thought he maybe dropped it on the ground when he got gas last night after the dance. So he drove back to the station but came home empty handed. Not good. We figured that's probably what happened, and someone had picked it up and took it.

Well, there wasn't much else to do but continue hitching up and head to Tallahassee. By the time we left, it was after 11 am which was much later than we normally leave given that it's a 5 hour drive.

While we were driving, Don started calling the credit card companies to cancel his cards. That's hard enough to do when you're at home, let alone while on the road. Especially when the operator's primary language is not English! 

But we got it done and when we get to Tallahassee, will continue the process of replacing everything from his driver's license to health insurance card. Annoying for sure.

The drive was slow as traffic was quite heavy and it was nearly 5 when we got to the campground. It's the same one that we stayed at the last time we visited this town. 

We checked into the office and found our site where we began the unpacking routine. As I was moving all of the bags and items I place on the floor of the bedroom when we travel, guess what I found underneath one bag? Yup - a wallet!! Oh joy!!!!! 

I guess it had been on the dresser and during the packing process somehow fell on the floor where it got covered up. In the searching, we had never thought to move any of those items. 

That was an incredible happy find as now Don wouldn't have to replace anything else in the wallet! We still have to call our bank to have the debit card sent here, but that's it. 

We continued unpacking but gave it up after about an hour as we were both worn out from the stress and drive today. Dinner was a simple microwave one and neither us stayed up late because we were both so tired. 

What a day!

Many homes in Florida have these nice screened in areas that enclose their pools and patios.
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