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April 16, 2022

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet

Georgia rest day

I awoke to the pitter patter of raindrops on our roof. Guess the weather forecasters were right on the money with their prediction. 

The rain lasted until mid-morning, then tapered off leaving just overcast skies. But it was a dreary day and we just stayed inside our trailer for the most part - working on the computers, reading and watching all of the campers leaving in droves. 

Maybe they were giving up on being here this weekend. With the rain today and tomorrow, and even more on Monday, if you just had a few days to camp, it probably wasn't worth it. 

My glutes and legs were very tight, and the hip I had landed on in my crash was sore. So it was a good day to rest the body. 

Later in the afternoon we drove over to the Sky Ride area to check out their souvenir store for a Stone Mountain sticker that we could put on our door. But they had no stickers and it wasn't worth the money to take the cable ride to the summit of the mountain since the top was enshrouded in clouds. You're supposed to be able to see 40 miles on a clear day. I was surprised to see lots of people doing it anyway (and none wearing a mask!).

I knew there was one more store in the park's Marketplace area so we went over there. We found that you had to buy a ticket to enter which didn't make sense as it was mostly a shopping area with a few hokey attractions for the kids. I could see charging for the attractions but not for the privilege of buying food or souvenirs!

We gave up at this point and went home to hole up until bedtime.

Stone Mountain was pretty with the clouds covering the top of it. The rain really had brought out the green which is lichen growing on the sides.
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I was surprised to see lots of people riding the cable car to the top since you wouldn't be able to see anything once you got there.
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Over in the Marketplace section the park had several attractions for the kids including a dinosaur land. This Brontosaurus moved its neck and tail. Kinda' cool!
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I believe this is an Eastern Towhee.
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A Brown Headed Cowbird was a new addition to the feeder.
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The bird gang at the tube feeders.
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I think this is a female Downy Woodpecker since we didn't see any red on the head.
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The park is bursting with spring color. I loved this Japanese Maple with a pretty azalea in the front.
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