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April 12, 2022

Mountain bound

Paulk Vineyards, GA to Stone Mountain Park, GA

After a peaceful, quiet night at the vineyards, we were up early and on the road not long after the sun rose above the horizon. Our destination was Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta. 

For a couple of hours, our GPS wound us around on lots of small country roads and through several small towns. As we continued north we saw a lot more pecan groves and a few peach orchards planted in the rolling hills. Since we left Florida yesterday, the land has been shifting from flat to hilly. 

I find that traveling on these back roads a lot more interesting and relaxing than being on the interstate, even though they are a little slower. Eventually the mapping did put us onto I-75 which was very busy with lots of trucks headed to and from Atlanta. 

By early afternoon, we arrived at Stone Mountain Park where we'll be staying for the next 12 nights. 

The campground was a large one nestled along the shore of Stone Mountain Lake. But we were less than thrilled with our site. Don had tried to get us one on the outside of the loop so we could have a paved site with a view of the water, but we've got an inner spot that had a gravelly uneven surface.

It took him a while to try to get the trailer sort of level so the frig works. But it could be a lot better. It is a pretty spot that's tucked underneath tall pine trees.

We spent the rest of the day setting up camp and cleaning out the trailer. Don was still limping around with a sore foot so it took him longer to get these chores completed. I kept urging him to sit down and ice it, but he said he couldn't sit still for long. 

We did set up our bird feeder and immediately had several different types for birds visit it right away. But the squirrels are going to be an issue because they could climb the pole and also eat the seed. Hmmm - going to have to research how to deter them!

Despite the campground being large, it was also pretty quiet and we enjoyed the evening resting on our patio. 

This is the Abbeville, GA courthouse. Built in 1903 it had a working clock tower.
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On the interstate, you never know what you'll see! This is a storm shelter that was manufactured by the Survive a Storm company. Headquartered in GA, they make a variety of above ground and below ground storm shelters for both residential and commercial use. This is an above ground shelter.
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Our home for the next 12 days is at Stone Mountain Park. The mountain can be seen for miles and is the world's largest single piece of exposed granite. It covers 583 acres and only 1/3 of it is visible above ground. You can walk to the top or take a gondola ride.
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