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April 20, 2022

"If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes" - C. Lindberg

Georgia rest day

It was yet another day of rest/recovery etc. along with a chilly start. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record! We had hoped to drive to the Silver Comet Trail and do a ride, but Don woke up feeling he needed to give his foot more time to heal. Plus he also had done something to his back and now IT was sore! Sheesh - it's sure hard getting old. 

But there wasn't much I could do about it except be patient (I'm really not the most patient person). My legs felt good enough to do another park ride, but we also needed to do yet another grocery run. It seems like we're always at the store but we were already out of several food items. 

So I skipped the ride and helped Don with the shopping. Then I spent the rest of the day just hanging out in camp. It's pretty quiet around here as many of the campers left after last weekend. 

But the birds were noisy with all of their various songs. They start in before the sun rises and keep on singing throughout the day. We didn't see any new ones today, although I think the word has spread throughout the woods about the food available here! They're sure eating up all of our seed which is fine - less weight to transport in the trailer when we travel. 

It is interesting figuring out who the bullies are. We thought the grackles were the kings here. They show up in flocks and chase everyone else away from the feeders, but it seems there are some mourning doves that chase even the grackles off. One dove flies in and sits in the open seed pan,  daring anyone to force it off! 

We did get up enough energy later to go over to the community building and work on our dance routines. Then it was dinner, the news and a book. Another day in Georgia over. 

I told Don I want one of those helmets! This little boy and his brother spend hours riding up and down the hilly road in the campground. They have a LOT of energy and make me tired just watching them!
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A girl after my own heart! The boys' sister is still using training wheels and can manage to go down the hill but isn't able to pedal up it. I told her she needed to ride, but she said she didn't know how to climb. I told her to push, honey, just push!
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Yet another ambitious squirrel making it this far on the pole. It didn't get any further than the bottom of the slinky.
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