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February 14, 2022

Cupid, draw back your bow

Fort Lauderdale to Moore Haven, FL

I didn't sleep well last night so felt very groggy this morning. Between the traveling and then going to the dance, my body was complaining. 

But today is another travel day, although a very short one. This time we're going to Moore Haven where we'll stay for 4 days and finally put down roots for a bit. 

By 10 we were packed and heading south to our turnoff that went north toward Lake Okeechobee. It was an interesting drive as we first entered a sawgrass preserve and then passed what must have been millions of acres of sugar cane. We had no idea that they grew sugar cane in Florida. There were also cattle ranches and other crops being grown. I read later that the soil in this region is very fertile.

The highway followed a canal and we spotted all kinds of waterfowl - herons, egrets and wood storks. Many of the cane fields were being burned and smoke filled the sky. Guess they don't care about air pollution out here!

By noon, we pulled into our destination - the KOA near Moore Haven. We were too early to check into our spot so hung out in front of the office for awhile. 

Finally the manager came out and said that for $20, we could go ahead to our spot. Such a deal! Sheesh, what a rip off. But we decided to do that rather than wait for a couple of hours to do it "officially". 

An employee guided us to our site and then helped Don back into it. It's a premium site that backs up to one of the ponds which is very nice as we can finally open up our hatch and enjoy the scenery. We also have a patio table with chairs along with a wicker couch/bench to sit on while we enjoy our wine. There is even a coconut palm next to us! Nothing like "roughing" it and nothing at all like the previous 2 places we've stayed at! 

Since we'll be here for 4 days, we've set out more things around camp so our set-up took longer. When Don got everything hooked up, he took the bag of dirty clothes over to their laundry. It's nice to get caught up on that job. 

We hope to get in some bike rides in the area if Don can find some decent routes. There aren't a lot of paved roads to choose from other than a busy highway but it does have a shoulder. We'll see. But we do plan to relax and enjoy the area. 

Our site at the Paradise Island RV Resort was very short and we barely fit. You can see that our neighbor had put in gravel for his car and fake grass to cover up the weeds, mud and dirt.
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We've started seeing these tall narrow pines down here. I think maybe Norfolk Pine?
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This varigated Philodendron plant was growing up around a banyon tree in the campground. The leaves were HUGE!
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On our drive today we passed what had to be millions of acres of sugar cane.
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We have a lovely site at the Moore Haven KOA but they warn campers about gators in the ponds!
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