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April 29, 2022

A whole lot of shakin' going on

Charleston dance day

I don't have much to report about today's activities. We did laundry this morning and spent the afternoon relaxing. We've set out our bird feeder here and have already drawn in many birds, including 2 new ones. As the trees are close to the pole, the squirrels don't bother trying to climb up the slinky, they just jump over. Oh well, guess we'll be feeding them as well!

This evening we drove over to the Charleston Elks lodge to dance where we were pleased to see a large wood floor in the lounge. They had a DJ providing the music and we did quite a bit of dancing. 

But this was the first place we've gone where we've seen so much shag dancing. In fact, it looked like everyone was doing shag to all the songs he played - from rumba, to cha cha to swing - you name it! But it is the official state dance. I talked Don into trying a few moves, but we need to revisit our videos from the class we took in Tally. 

It was nice to be dancing again even though we're a little rusty. Hopefully we can do more while we're here in Charleston. 

Nice dance floor at the Elks!
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The lounge had a detailed painted wall showing various historic sites in Charleston.
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