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August 7, 2021

Day 68: Rest Day in Richland

Refreshing, relaxing rest day with friends

A facebook memory popped up on Rachel’s page, of August 7, 2017 when Wendy and Greg met us in a campground on the Natchez Trace. Wendy is also an OR nurse, and she and Rachel been FB friends for years. This was fun to finally meet, and she had asked what I’d missed while we were on our 2 ½ year tour; Rachel said “Deviled Eggs” and Wendy provided them. We had a great visit with them then and a great visit now.

August 7, 2017
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August 7, 2017 We are cycling the Natchez Trace and Wendy asks what have I missed the most in the 2 1/2 years on the road....Deviled eggs. Greg Clark and Wendy met up with us in the campground...even had a "shower" set up for us....and of course the BEST deviled eggs.
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Patrick used the day to sort out our flights to the Netherlands and back to Boise. Back in March when tickets were very cheap we had booked a flight from Boston to Amsterdam for the middle of October, and then back to Boise two weeks later. A while ago we were notified by the airline that one of our flights, the leg from Dublin to Seattle had been cancelled. Patrick had booked through Expedia the airline, Air Lingus, could not help us, we had to go back through the travel agent to rebook the flight. At first Expedia did not know about the flight cancellation and said there was no problem. About two weeks later when they found out they gave us some pretty bad flight options. After an hour on the phone this morning the travel agent found us a good new flight, just a day later. The crux came at the end: this flight was double the price! Quite the trick: you sell cheap flights to hook people, then force them to reschedule and make a fat profit. We don’t think they can really do this, but good luck fighting them while you are on the road. Patrick called Air Lingus but they were totally unhelpful. We end up cancelling the flights all together, then rebooking directly with Delta. This is the last time we will ever have used a middleman (expedia) to book trips.

They fed us well with Rib eye steaks and Hamburgers grilled, and the traditional deviled eggs.

Other than that we didn’t do anything. 

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