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July 3, 2019

On the hunt in Toulouse

Replacing our gear and train to Bedous.

We woke this morning with a mission.  What are we going to do about our missing tent,  my thermarest, and our beloved thermarest chairs which we have had since we were both in university over 25 years ago?  We had some decisions to make.  Do we wait for our gear to show up?  Do we move on and have the airline forward our gear to a future destination?  Do we make this a hotel trip and mail all of our camping equipment back to Vancouver? Or, do we buy new gear and get the airline to mail our gear back to Vancouver?  Hummmm......

  Of course,  most of these options depend on whether our gear is found at all.  We were not optimistic so Susanna and I decided that it would most prudent to purchase new gear.  Why waste time on our vacation hoping and planning for our gear to show up?  Besides, we hope we can recover the costs through our travel insurance.

Thank goodness for the internet.  We google-mapped outdoor clothing and equipment stores and off we went on our bikes.  On the hunt.  

Before I continue, I have to say that my first impressions of Toulouse were way off.  What a beautiful and clean and airy city.  The grittiness that I described was my impression as we rode from the outskirts and into the city from the airport.  I can’t think of a city anywhere that is pleasant when traveling to the city center from an airport.  So,  Toulouse.  I’m sorry.  Now, off to our adventure.

Our ride to buy new gear. Nice to stretch the legs a bit.
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Before we headed out, we went in search of expensive coffee.  It’s not hard to find.  We strolled through a market that put our produce in Canada to shame, both in price and quality.

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So.  I think I will let the photos do most of the ‘talking’.  

Don’t judge. Our little room in Toulouse right down in the centre of old town.
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Art Deco building. Toulouse.
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Sue taking a stroll. Why can’t we have Robson street in Vancouver pedestrianized?
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After a few stops, we have everything we need now.
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It is always hard to go into a store and purchase stuff that you already own.  What’s even worse is spending a premium in euros!  The exchange did not work in our favor today. But, we had to do it.  

Isn’t she lovely? Sue’s alright too! Toulouse train station. I always find train stations amazing people watching places.
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Jacquie GaudetDid you move all your col stickers or get new ones?
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1 year ago

People who tour know the drill when having to run errands with bikes in toe.  One person always has to stay with the bikes!  Buying groceries?  Who’s going to watch the bikes?  Popping into a train stations?  Who’s going to watch the bikes? Going into stores?  Who’s going to watch the bikes? And, so on.  So, there is always these moments during the day when one can take a moment to watch and take it all in.  It’s really one of my weird fascinations.  In the words of Jim Morrison,  “people are strange when you’re a stranger”.

Train to the mountain town of Bedous. Can’t wait to get away from the city and into the mountains.
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Love this old stone train station. We passed many of them today. Many of them are left abandoned or have become people’s homes.
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Sue taking a short spin around Bedous. We are actually on the hunt for food. It’s 8pm in a very small town. And, for those who have travelled in France, I know what you’re thinking. Good luck.
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Luck was on our side. This lovely man helped us out with a charcuterie of various meats and cheese, We should have taken a photo of the food.. But, it was devoured before we could even think of it.
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This guy came over from across the field for a little visit.
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We are headed on a ride up to Lescun and into the mountains for a hike to Lac le Lahrs. Sans gear.
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Look at that view, Sue! Actually, Sue is trying to email Air Transat to find out Information about our lost gear. I am not hopeful.
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Good night. All is right in the world.
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Today's ride: 30 km (19 miles)
Total: 39 km (24 miles)

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