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May 5, 2023

Day 0: Cincinnati

Welcome to another “adventures with Paul.”  Today’s episode includes my travel to Ohio from Georgia and subsequent ride and walk to get dinner. so that’s the short story - more detail awaits.

I drove about 7 hours to get to the starting point which for me was the little Miami golf center to park the car for 6 days. I unloaded the bike, threw on the panniers, and I was off. The parking lot was $16 non-resident for the entire year and after informing the clubhouse staff I left it there for the week.

Onto a new trail I braved; I needn’t worry for it was all paved
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The trail winds from the ‘burbs into the city and is very well marked. Still, I’m glad I had my old phone with the GPS running with downloaded maps. It makes it easier to verify I’m on the right path. 

Some changes to the bike since the last tour - I have flat bars and panniers with more room for sure
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You’ll notice two changes on the bike since the last tour. One, I converted over to a flat bar up front. I wanted to sit more upright so I could see my environs better and enjoy the ride. This is not a fast bike - that’s what my road bike is for. This bike is geared with a single 30T chainring and 11-42 in the rear. That means climbing gears and cruising gears, not speed gears. The second thing you’ll notice is I’m using my tailfin pannier rack and panniers. I figured I would use the, on this trip and see how much simpler things are with them instead of the large seat post bag. So far I like it.

I found this art piece something upon to reflect; but the smell or urine inside it made it rather suspect
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I finally broke out of the streets leading into the city, and see a large brown muddy mass of water to my left. This must be the Ohio river I keep hearing about. Sure enough, it is! I parallel the river along the waterfront park to the end point of the Ohio to Erie trail, the paddle wheel. Purists may not the paddle wheel is not the actual endpoint, but close enough for me. It’s not like I’m going to be challenged in court as to finishing on the EXACT coordinates. Of course, now that I’ve said it, I’ll probably be involved in the first lawsuit ever claiming I finished the trail when the prosecution will point to me the paddlewheel is actually 50 feet away or something like that. 

The largest river boat’s paddle wheel? “Shhh…it’s only a reproduction - it isn’t real”
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Setting up for for Sunday on this riverside lawn is the end point celebration for the flying pig marathon
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I took a mile walk from my hotel after my shower into an area of the city called Over The Rhine, of which Findlay Market is its center. Lots of stalls in there to get fresh food, meats, flowers, baked goods. I thought about possibly getting something there but I had a better plan for dinner.

A historical sight and not too far to walk it was the site of the Findlay market
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The water feature seemed to be the hallmark of this park
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I found city map outside the market and saw a parallel road leading back to the Thai restaurant. So I walked east 2 blocks and started heading south. About 2 blocks down I realized this was not an area I wanted to be walking in. I didn’t fear for my life but I was definitely out of place. And wearing a shirt that didn’t belong ( see photo below). I could cross the street or turn around and show fear, so I just acted like I was supposed to be there and walked right through several large groups of folks doing “nefarious” activities. And kept walking and also realized I should return back the 2 blocks to the street I walked to the market on.  Instantly felt safer.

Here’s a guy happy to get some Thai
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I had a Panang curry which was really good. I’m glad I stuck to my decision to skip the burger place (although that smelled soooo good as I passed by both coming and going). I figure I’ll have more pep than enough opportunities for a burger. And while I don’t normally post food pics I’ll try it on this journal - let me know what you think should I or shouldn’t I?

I ain’t in no hurry to finish this Panang curry
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Tomorrow I ride 2 miles to pick up my UHaul truck, load the bike, drive to Cleveland, drop off the truck, and set myself up for the end-to-end ride starting Sunday.

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Today's ride: 14 miles (23 km)
Total: 14 miles (23 km)

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