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What's up with posting plans in February?

OK, I'm rammy. I need to get out and ride. When I was younger my mom used to always tell me I was rammy when I became this way and to go outside and play. So here I am looking to do just that on a bike tour. But temps being what they are in February, it will have to wait a few months. And I'm looking to do this tour with my other half (spouse, wife, domestic partner, love of my life) and that means established trails and/or routes. Something like the GAP/C&O or the Katy trail. She prefers these to on-road adventures. Oh, and no camping.

That led me to more research on long trails, and I found the Ohio-to-Erie trail which leads from Cincinnati (on the Ohio river) to Cleveland (on Lake Erie). However, since we're riding in the opposite direction, people still refer to it as Ohio-to-Erie rather than changing it to Erie-to-Ohio. GO figure. 

I'm rammy just typing out this intro.

Touring with my partner in crime has its benefits. We generally ride on a know path with a marked trail. Also, each night we roll into a hotel/motel and it's super-comfy. Oh, and we eat out each night. Everyone is happy. Well, everyone except my wallet. 

So the plan is:

  1. Drive ~7 hours to Cincinnati, park, and ride 12 miles to overnight
  2. Pick up Haul truck next day, throw bikes in back, drive 4 hours to Cleveland, drop off truck in Cleveland, explore city (Uhaul was $100 one-way while rental cars with a van were around $450-$500)
  3. Ride from Cleveland over 6 days (overall route and daily routes shown below)
  4. Return to car, drive about 30 miles closer to home, and then all the way home before Mother's Day 
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And, if you've decided in theory this sounds like a good read but would rather watch the movie adaptation, I got you covered there, too

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Bob DistelbergLooks like a fun trip. I'll look forward to following along. Too bad I have to wait though!
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1 year ago
Marc Y.I hope you have a wonderful trip! I have enjoyed your journals since I found them over on another site. I am really looking forward to this one as I live on the OTET in Millersburg. I have ridden the stretch of the OTET from Mt Vernon to Fredericksburg often. If you have any questions let me know I would be happy to help or offer advice for the area.

South of Fredericksburg you will see a lot of trees down from a storm that went through last June. Huge disruption in the area with power out and extensive road reroutes. The damage is still impressive 10 months later.

Safe and happy travels!
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1 year ago
Paul MulveyTo Marc Y.Thanks for following me onto this site - it's not just YouTube where I have followers I guess :-). And appreciate the info from a local. I'll be rolling into Hotel Millersburg May 8 so if you see me rolling, give a wave and flag me down; I'd be happy to chat. I was planning on getting something to eat at the hotel bar - any better suggestions in the Millersburg downtown area?

Interesting last year's damage still exists to a decent degree. There was a fellow YouTuber (Denise Looking Out) who rode that area last year and I think she was in the thick of it. I ride with a lighter load on my bike than she does (theoretically - I've never weighed her bike :-)) so I should be able to lift over obstacles or even reroute to different areas if need be.
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1 year ago
Marc Y.To Paul MulveySorry to be confusing, the damage I mentioned is not disrupting the trail anymore. It is just still very noticeable along the side of the trail. I have heard several people come through the area and wonder what happened. The trail is in fine shape.

I will keep an eye out on May 8th. If I do see you I will for sure flag you down. As for eateries in the downtown area; there are two places just a block over that are popular. Millersburg Brewing Company and Bag's Sports Pub. I would recommend The Cider Press but they are closed on Mondays.
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1 year ago