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October 4, 2019

Windy ride up the beach

M2C New Bern - Atlantic Beach

Sunrise in New Bern
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The winds blew in from across the Neuse River last night. With that wind, the brutal heat wave ended. It was a comfortable night in the tent.

Taking the bikes to church at the morning rest stop
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A cold front is both a blessing and curse for the bicyclist. It lowers the temp. The accompanying winds can be your best friend or worst enemy. Today they lined up on enemy side.

Swansboro view at lunch
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New Bern is clearly in the costal plain of North Carolina. Yesterday’s ride was flat as flat could be. Today’s ride had ever so small elevation changes for most of the morning. It was often not enough to warrant changing gears. There was the occasion “micro” hill that did warrent the change. The ride reminded me of a term the guide on my Hungarian tour used to describe these elevation changes, undulations. I undulated the morning.

Heading through the finish line at Atlantic Beach
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The winds seemed to be present on every turn. It was either a headwind or side wind. I was headed east north east quite a bit. That was the direction of the wind. They were manageable but combined with the undulations, it meant I had to pedal a little harder.

Finish line pivot I although I cycled 305 miles
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The lunch stop was in Swansboro at the 48 mile mark. The final inland portion of the ride ended as I crossed the White Oak River and the Bogue Sound onto the Emerald Isle. This began my 24 miles up Highway 58 to Atlantic Beach.

A dip in the Atlantic
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The coastal winds picked up to 15 mph and as my luck would have it, a constant headwind. I had intended to pedal heads down and tolerate those 24 miles. As the ride continued, I made a decision to challenge myself with a 24 mile sprint to Atlantic Beach with no stops. I picked up speed and did just that. I finished that run in a little more than 2 hours. 12 mph in a constant headwind after 48 miles in a lesser headwind is an accomplishment for me.

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
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I was happy to finish this ride in grand style. I might be fat, old and slow, but I did it my way. A super 72 mile ride with challenges. 

Today's ride: 72 miles (116 km)
Total: 305 miles (491 km)

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