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October 6, 2019

And so the ride across the Tarheel State ends

M2C Atlantic Beach - Home

Motorcoach ready to head west
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I awoke early ready or my ride back home. It was a travel day back to the car at Blowing Rock. It was not the most enjoyable evening. The beach bar across the parking lot blasted karaoke until 2:00 am. The campground was a small grassy area adjoining the Atlantic Beach public parking lot. It was sandy, uneven, and full of small thistle-like burrs. These little devils inflicted pain with the lightest touch. It was a battle to remove them before they inflicted pain. I am certain I will have unpleasant encounters with them as clean and pack up my camping supplies.

Atlantic Beach is one of those old beach communities that has seen better days. The area surrounding the campground was a collection of older beach businesses that were long gone or operating on off-season hours. It was not the best choice for an end-of-ride location.  

Early morning light across the beach
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The North Carolina Seafood Festival was underway across the sound in Morehead City. The cycle NC folks provided shuttles to the festival. My friend Greg and I opted not to go to the festival. We set out to see what local dinner options were available. A local resident recommended Amos Mosquito as being the best spot in town. We walked about a mile to the restaurant. It was excellent as promised.

I chose the Cycle NC option to be transported back to Blowing Rock via motor-coach. My bike was loaded on a rental truck immediately following the ride. The Sunday morning travel logistics went well. The motor coaches arrived early. Cyclists loaded their luggage and boarded the buses. The buses departed shortly after 8:00 am and arrived in Blowing Rock around 4:00 pm. The buses stopped once for a restroom break and another time for lunch. It was a comfortable ride.

I expected pandemonium in Blowing Rock. It was actually quite fast and efficient. The cars were parked at the Appalachian Ski Resort. Bikes were racked or leaning along split rail fences. Greg and I were off bus and on our way in less than a half-hour.

Greg and I headed back to Blowing Rock
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This ends my journal for the tour. It was challenging and fun. I can’t praise Cycle NC enough for their thorough planning and execution. I had to SAG for the first time. I also opted to take advantage of the alternate excursions on 2 days with 95-97 degree days. I very much like that option. I saw more of North Carolina than I had planned.

This tour is definitely a ride designed for the fitter road cyclist with 60-80 mile days. As the name implies, you will encounter hills and coastal plains. There are options to accommodate the non-road cyclist with SAg, excursions, and excellent support. If you want a challenge, this is a ride for you.

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