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October 4, 2019

Flat and Fast 61

M2C Greenville to New Bern

Rest stop view from the curb
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Today was a 61-mile sprint to New Bern. The morning started in rush hour coming out of Greenville. The traffic was somewhat heavy but respectful. It was flat fast ride that continued through the day.

This was about as exciting as it got
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There were not many towns along the way. Only a couple and the scenery was pretty nondescript. The start of the ride was through coastal farmlands of tobacco and cotton that had been harvested. It's funny seeing cotton balls along the roadside randomly. 

Camp at New Bern
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Weather-wise, the temperature was much more agreeable starting in the high 70s and ending in the mid-80s. It was cloudy in the morning and sunny by our early afternoon arrival in New Bern. I definitely had no trouble keeping myself hydrated.

Thai food truck in camp was the best lunch of the week
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I am not a climber but more of a sprinter. That made today perfect for me. I was mostly cruising around 13 to 16 miles an hour through the course. Greg and I took longer rest breaks today. Greg has been having some issues needing more rest time. I was more than happy to spend a little more time in the rest stop and moderating my speed. We arrived in New Bern around 1:30. 

Windy afternoon in New Bern
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I crossed the Neuse River on a very high level bridge that was well over a mile. The campground is in the city park along the river and bridge. Wind kicked up this afternoon and brought the river level up causing some flooding campsites closest to the river. It will be a very comfortable night with the temperature in the low 60s at this time and the mid-fifties during the night.

Time to call it a day
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Tomorrow will be a comfortable day to cycle with the temps in the 50s as I depart New Bern and in the low 70s when I arrive in Atlantic Beach. The wind is supposed to die down in the next few hours and be calmer tomorrow. The wind direction for will unfortunately be from the northeast, the direction I am heading. There is a 24-mile stretch along  the ocean after crossing the Intercoastal Waterway before we reach Atlantic Beach.  The ride is longer than today at about 72 miles.  This will be the last day on the bike. 

Today's ride: 61 miles (98 km)
Total: 233 miles (375 km)

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