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July 23, 2019

Munich - a day of complete idleness

To-day really was just a day of preparation for the rest of the trip and it seemed really to involve mainly complete idleness.  Ken spent a fair bit of time walking the route which will lead to our escape tomorrow.  Munich is a beautiful city so he was able to reacquaint himself with some of the delights we found at the end of our tour last year.

Around midday there was a message on my phone ‘Hallo! Ihr Rad ist fertig...’ It then went on to say we must collect them in 2 working days.  Lucky I am so fluent in German! (Well at least I have the appropriate ap) Off to the the Backerie for some lunch then to find the number 19 tram. We felt proud of ourselves finding it easily, didn’t even have to get someone to help us validate our tickets and what is more even got off at the correct stop.  The mechanic had completely checked over the bikes, replaced Ken’s brake pads and pronounced them ready for their trip to Paris.  They even looked shiny new.

One of the reasons I love cycling in Europe is the wonderful cycling infrastructure.  Munich is a prime example of this, there are cycleways everywhere and they are so well used. The footpaths are in the main part divided into two with a low curb dividing the cycle part from the pedestrians.  Yes and the Lime Scooters use the cycle way.  It was such fun joining the crowd of cyclists, we swept along with ease and in no time the bikes were resting up in the hotel garage. 

Who gets the big one?
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Regensburger wurst mit saukraut
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We came to about 7.30pm and off to Ken’s favourite eating place the Augustina Wurtzhause - Ken loves sitting there eating the local sausages and saukraut and drinking the local beer.  The Augustina is old and famous and of course well patronised by tourists.  We sat inside in the old building surrounded by Japanese and Spanish while the local Germans less concerned by the ambiance were all sitting outside to enjoy this beautiful evening

The street music was lovely
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I like the sign on this bike
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Fun at 9pm
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It is indeed a joyous sight on these wonderful summer evenings.  By this time the heat had cooled down a bit but it was still delightfully warm.  This whole pedestrian area was packed with people.  Some were eating but many just sitting around enjoying the place.  Music was playing and children were dancing in the fountains.  After our meal we sat and listened to music for a while before back to the room for more sleep

Today's ride: 5 km (3 miles)
Total: 7 km (4 miles)

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Suzanne GibsonWhat a lovely day you had, you certainly know how to enjoy and savor your surroundings!
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