I Can't Very Well End This Thing Without A Conclusion, Can I? - America's Most Naive Bike Tourist Rides From MN to MA - CycleBlaze

I Can't Very Well End This Thing Without A Conclusion, Can I?

The Final Chapter

Believe it or not, I am at a loss for words.  Forty days on the road, five days to assess the accomplishment and what it means, and a lifetime of memories--and now I have writer's block.  This is going to be short.  I only have four points to make.

First, I found fun.  LOTS of fun.

Second, I cannot pick out ONE favorite experience.  There were dozens of favorite experiences, many of which never made it into this journal.  And, upon reflection, there were ZERO bad experiences.  True, there were challenges, but challenges are a part of what I undertook this bike ride for.

Third, I thank you for reading this nonsense and sending your comments.  I especially enjoyed hearing from folks I don't even know.  Perhaps someday I WILL get to know you.

Fourth, for thousands of years the greatest minds in philosophy and literature have struggled to find the meaning of life.  Finally, I alone have solved the mystery.  Here it is:  RIDE YOUR BIKE!  HAVE FUN!  I am fully aware that you may be thinking, "Not philosophical.  Very naïve."  I answer, "Yes, and yes."

Yes!  My two-summer journey across the U.S. has taught me to say "YES" even more than I did before.  YES to adventure!  YES to risk!  YES to new experiences!  YES to bicycle transportation!  YES to a simpler life!  YES to this fine nation and its people!  YES to the exploits to which others say "no."  I even say YES to crappy food, lousy weather, exhausting work, and monotonous miles of corn or soybeans or grapes or trees.  YES!

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Paul MulveyEnjoyed reading about your trip - sounds like you had a great time. Reading through your journey, you reminded me of my own trip along the Erie Canal (https://www.cycleblaze.com/journals/eriecanal2017/) and re-experienced it once again, re-living memories on the trip. Of course you had many more days to travel than I did, as well as many more food and wine reviews.
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2 years ago
Gregory GarceauHi Paul,

As usual when somebody writes to me, I feel the need to have a look at their work. So I just got done reading your Erie Canal journal and enjoyed it very much. You visited some interesting places along the way that I didn't even know existed. I really should have done some more research.

Well, I'm going to check out some of your other trips now.

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2 years ago