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Minnesota Matrimonial Evaluation Tour

Two Highly Independent Spouses Spend 24/7 Together

By Mike Jamison
696 miles (1,120 km) over 14 days between Jun. 19, 2017 and Jul. 2, 2017
Can a 30 Year Marriage Survive a Twelve Day Bike Tour? heart 5
Test Drive: A Dress Rehearsal in Southern Illinois heart 7
A Construct for Matrimonial Biking Bliss.: Guaranteeing Compatibility heart 3
Creating "Quiet Time," and the Route: How to Create Some Solitude Within Constant Togetherness heart 4
Organizing: Wrangling Large Piles of Stuff heart 3
Here We Go: Final Details, Tips for Interested Readers, and a Request for Communication!! heart 3
My Favorite Picture of Us heart 4
Our Morning Commute: Driving 5 Hours to Ride a Bike heart 3
North Branch, Minnesota to Alice's Attic Bike Hostel: Over The Top Boys!! heart 7
Alice's Attic to Sauk Centre, Minnesota: The Wind Gods Declare Us Worthy heart 13
Sauk Centre, Minnesota to Fergus Falls, Minnesota: A Perfect Day of Riding That Lands us in the 9th Circle of Hell heart 5
Fergus Falls, Minnesota to Cormorant, Minnesota: It's Winds-Day, said Pooh!! heart 4
Cormorant, Minnesota to Fargo, North Dakota: Spare The Rod, Spoil The Biker heart 8
Fargo, North Dakota to Callaway, Minnesota: Can I have an amen from the Deacons?! heart 3
Callaway, Minnesota to Itasca State Park, Minnesota: Equlibrium heart 5
Itasca State Park to Walker, Minnesota: Old Man River and How to Beat the Wind heart 2
Walker, Minnesota to Pequot Lakes, Minnesota: Rainy Rolling Rest Day heart 4
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota to Little Falls, Minnesota: In The Groove heart 3
Little Falls, Minnesota to Alice's Attic: Deja Vu All Over Again heart 3
Alice's Attic to Donn's Adventure Cycling Bunkhouse: To The Hilton heart 4
Adventure Cycling Bunkhouse to North Branch, Minnesota: Closing the Circle heart 3
Final Evaluation: We Have a Good Thing Going heart 4