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Mike Jamison


Title Ratings
Headlong Into The Petri Dish 229
Moab Skinny Tire Festival, 2020 50
Steel City to Trumptown 101
Death (Valley) Wish 58
Cycle Oregon 2018 86
Minnesota Matrimonial Evaluation Tour 100
Mothers (Day) of Invention Tour 170


42 years ago my Dad took up bicycle touring, and that was the start of it all for me. His passion for everything two-wheeled activated (as he puts it) the recessive family cycling gene and biking has been my main form of sport, travel, and meditation ever since. Although I love a long, slow tour I also love a fast, "red-zone" time trial just as much. It was my good fortune to meet a young woman 36 years ago who loves to bike as much as I do, and tricked her into saying "I Do." My wife Margaret is my best cycling mate and you'll find her in the journals I will slowly add to Cycle Blaze. 

Cycle Oregon, 2018
Death Valley, 2019