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June 22, 2021

Dog Days

There is something you need to know.  I miss my dog.  You see I adopted a “Covid Dog” in August, a goofy, sloppy, 11 year old dog, who I renamed Wags.  I didn’t think I was so attached to her but it became evident that I am while driving to the start point today.  The thing is, I have separation anxiety!

Oh, I’ll be okay, don't worry about me.  And it will probably start going away tomorrow when I start riding, as I suffer like a, well, dog, because I am only in semi adequate shape.

It doesn't help that I am spending the night at a campground and about 90% of the other campers have dogs.

But the thing is, I thought you should know...

after seeing this video can you blame me?

I start riding tomorrow!  Wooo-wooo!

She really knows how to relax...
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Donna WMBless her old heart…she is a good soul. I’m so glad you gave her a home. ❤️
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3 months ago
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Mike AylingWho is minding her while you are away?
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3 months ago
Karen CookHi Mike,

Mostly she will stay with my brother with a short stint at a kennel that is run by people who run shelter where I adopted her. So she will be well taken care of.

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3 months ago