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People Do Care

The reason I started writing journals is because my mom was such a worrier.  If it was up to her I would call her every hour, to put her mind at ease.  Well, if it was up to her I wouldn’t do bike trips at all.  But she raised a crazy daughter and knew it.

My compromise was a journal that I would update regularly.  I’m not sure she liked the idea, at least at the start, but it was the best I could do.  That was in 2009.

But now my mom is gone.  She died Christmas day 2019 at age 91, after a long life and 9 combine kids, grandkids and great grand kids.  My dad passed a year before that.  He wasn’t a worrier though.  Either that or he assumed I can fend for myself?  Instead he kept a map on the wall and populated it with push pins tracking my routes.

Either way this is my first post-parent tour and I secretly thought, “…it’s kind of strange.  Dare I say liberating?  I don’t need to worry that anyone is worrying about me.   Who will care?

But then a strange thing happened.  Friends told me to be careful, to stay in touch so they know I am okay.  And it’s not just the friends I owe money to, its friends who I don’t owe any money at all.  They keep telling me to be careful and, “what’s the link to the journal so I can see how you are doing.”

I told one friend my post-parent secret thoughts.  “Well I care!” she said.


I guess I need to be careful after all.  People still care.  Who knew?

In the end my mom got used to me touring and stopped worrying, she even liked reading about them.  And in the end I discovered I like keeping a journal.  People seem to like them, its made me part of a “touring community” and I have made a lot of new friends from all over the world because of it.

Thanks for worrying, Mom!

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Steve CookWhat I can say is that Mom would always ask me, "Have you read your sister's journal?" I usually had, of course, but Mom wanted to talk about your adventures. I recall her as mostly proud of you, a little worried, and perhaps a bit envious.

Keep the rubber side down, Sis...
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4 months ago
Karen CookTo Steve CookThanks, Bro! I think it took her a couple tours to relax. She did great. 😉👍
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4 months ago
Debbie BearWe care. We don’t want you to get ax murdered on the road.... uh maybe you can pay the $20 back before you leave? Lol.

I am so jealous. You are going to get to see my favorite place from a whole different and intimate perspective. Have a great time!
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4 months ago
Donna WMSo you’re off tomorrow! Hope you made it to Redmond with no problems. Watch out for the virus on your trip; a lot of folks east of us haven’t been as quick to be vaccinated as we were.

I don’t think I knew about your dad, the push pins, and the map on the wall. That’s pretty sweet actually.

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3 months ago