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Bike and Equipment

I'll be going with my 2010 Trek Belleville this trip, since I've been too busy with volunteer activities since retiring to get my new-to-me derailleur-style bike ready in time. My last overnight trip using the Belleville reminded me how uncomfortable my Selle Royal Ondina saddle is for all-day use. That's been replaced with a Selle Anatomica R2 and a new-to-me seat post to get the saddle positioned rearward.

Selle Anatomica R2 saddle
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Rich FrasierGood choice! We swear by these. I hope you like it as much as we do.
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1 year ago
Jeff TeelTo Rich FrasierRich,
That's good to hear. I tried it out on a 40-mile day trip in June and was happy with it.
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1 year ago

Other changes are new tires (Continental Contact Plus Travel Tire [700x35C, 37-622]), which were the closest I could find to what I had on the bike before (Continental Country Plus Tire) along with new brake pads (Kool-Stop Thinline [KS-TLTSA]). I also added a bell (Velo Orange Brass Temple Bell), which is something I probably should have had all along. And I'll be using my rearview radar (Garmin Varia RVR315), which worked well on my Manito trip last May.

Velo Orange Brass Temple Bell
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I spent a lot of time off-and-on since 2019 looking for a replacement for my Kodak C123 waterproof camera for rainy day use. The old camera's photos weren't as sharp as they used to be, and the replacement I purchased on ebay wasn't working any better. That had me looking at other makes/models. I eventually obtained three used cameras, but can't decide which one I like best. One of them will go in my pocket before I leave.

waterproof cameras: Kodak C123, Panasonic DMC-TS30, Fujifilm XP130, and Olympus TG-630
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I finally had to retire my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone, since updates to the few programs it had filled up its storage (8GB) to the point it almost wouldn't function. Its replacement is a Samsung Galaxy S22, with room to breathe (128GB).

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime retired after six years, four months, and twenty days of use, and my new Samsung Galaxy S22
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I'm still using my Magellan MAP330 and my DeLorme PN-60 for point-to-point routing, and got those loaded on July 16. The plan calculates out to using 31 days to cover 1269 miles. I've scheduled a few more motel nights than necessary, which keeps me closer to some of the trails.

I think I'm ready. I have both a dentist appointment and an eye exam scheduled for August 2, so I can't leave before then. Departure will be August 3 or August 4, depending on weather and status of being ready.

One more item to pack for this trip. I'm 'double vaccinated, double boosted'. I hope that, and mask use when close to others, is enough.
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