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November 18, 2023

Is Three a Peloton?

Joel and Tony arrive

The Co-Riders Have Landed

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that this New Zealand cycle-tour will include at least two other Australian cycle-tourers. 

They arrived today. So today’s update is mostly about introducing Joel and Tony.

Joel (from Canberra) I know well because he and I cycle-toured across Australia a few years ago. And we both ride most Fridays in an informal recreational cycling group called the “Friday Peloton”. This is a group of Canberra riders (retirees) in a never ending search for the perfect coffee shop. 

Tony is from Sydney. I don’t know him well but he’s an old friend of Joel’s.

Tony is an experienced road rider. Fit & fast. But he’s never cycle-toured before. The load carrying on a bike will be a learning experience for him. It’s very courageous of Tony to try this type of ride. Especially with a cycle-tourer guide as ad hoc as me. 

Top job Joel and Tony. You’ve arrived from Australia.
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Andrea BrownSo, when are you going to reveal to us that they're twins? Do we just speculate amongst ourselves?
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8 months ago
Graham SmithTo Andrea BrownAndrea funny … that’s almost exactly what the motel manager said when they arrived.

I didn’t get the team memo about the dress code and haircuts. So I’m the odd one out. Plus my bike is a 20” wheeled folder. Joel and Tony have proper, big wheeled bikes. They look like real tourers.
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8 months ago
Looking west across Wellington wharf at the day’s end,
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Re-sorting my tour load.
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Today's ride: 12 km (7 miles)
Total: 158 km (98 miles)

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