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November 13, 2023

Then The Borders Clanged Shut

This Tour Began Three Years Ago

Some of you might remember where you were when news was breaking that a mystery virus was causing growing concerns among health professionals worldwide. It wasn’t long before the concerns grew. Countries began to take various actions in attempts to slow the impact. The word ‘pandemic’ began to circulate.

Here in Oceania, as the name indicates, most countries are surrounded by vast oceans. This makes it a tad easier for national biosecurity officials to stop unwanted pests and diseases entering our local ecosystems. If they shut borders, then airports and ports close and international travel comes to a screeching halt.

And that’s exactly what happened in early 2020. I was staying with my in-laws in Nelson New Zealand when the Australian government announced our borders would close in a few days. After they closed, there was no guarantee of being able re-enter for an unspecified time. So I returned home with just with a rear pannier of carry-on luggage.

Expecting that’d I’d be returning to NZ in a few months, I left my KHS 20” folding bike, riding clothes etc with my relatives in Nelson NZ. They are still there. Almost three years later.

However if all goes well, I should be staying with my rels in NZ tonight, and cycle touring on the North Island next week.

The uncertainty of air travel is much improved compared to the COVID era, but so far this morning, two flights have been canceled, and one delayed. And I’m currently in transit at Brisbane Airport instead of Sydney.

Nevertheless I’m optimistic I’ll be seeing my rels, and the long stored folding bike tonight.

Have Passport. Can wait in transit lounge.
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