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July 24, 2021

Day 73 - Dayville, OR to Mitchell, OR


This is the second time I have seen this at a bike hostel. I think the part where there is one set of foot prints, god should say "that's when I rode my bike"
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Today we slept in again and made breakfast. We watched part of the big Lebowski while packing up and left around 930. We headed up the road for about 9 miles towards Mitchell and went right into a crazy looking canyon leading to the John day fossil beds.

We rode right into the gap
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Mark had stopped earlier so we didn't know where he was, but Alex Mary and I went on the 2 mile detour to the fossil museum. It was pretty cool to see and apparently they have a particularly fruitful fossil area there.

Inside the canyon
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We left and returned to the route in an hour or so.

On the way to the museum
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The whole day of riding was only 40 miles, but all uphill. We rode a gentle uphill grade for the next 30 miles. Eventually we made it to the top and descended into the town of Mitchel for 5 miles.

The descent to mitchell
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Mark didn't take the fossil detour and was already at the brewery/lunch spot. We went right to the hostel and checked in with jalet. The hostel is a donation based (suggested $25 per night) and is the coolest place we have stayed yet. People have been telling us about this hostel since Kentucky. They make your bed, have staple foods in a kitchen downstairs, and have amazing seating.

Reserved beds
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The upstairs
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After settling in, we went to the only restaurant in town, called tiger town brew pub. They make beers and had a good selection of vegan foods. Alex and Mark got wings, which they had been looking forward to for weeks. The food was good and we went back to the hostel for a nap. After a nap, Mary and Alex went back to the grocery store. A few more people showed up to to the hostel but they were traveling by car. The girls (Mallory, Keely, and Meghan) also showed up after a long ride from John day. We knew they would be here the same day as us, so it was an awesome reunion. The last time we saw each other was in dubois and no one knew that would be the last time we would see each other for a while. We didn't even say goodbye, so it was really great to see them again. We all ate dinner in the kitchen and hung out until 10 before deciding that we should all go to bed.

Another view
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Downstairs area
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Altitude gain:2500

Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 3,794 miles (6,106 km)

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