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July 23, 2021

Day 72 - Prairie city, OR to Dayville, OR

Oregon Oregano

Today we woke up late with the intention of taking an easy 40-some mile day to dayville.

Scenery to John day
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We left around 9 and had a good  downhill to the town of John day, where there was a nice grocery store, cool apothecary museum, and a weed shop (our first in Oregon).

The squad and tractor
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Mark had gone to eat at a sit down restaurant so Mary, Alex and I went to the apothecary (kam wah chung historic site) for the 11 am tour. It was an apothecary for a Chinese medicine man who moved to America during the gold rush time. It was really cool and I was surprised that the store and apothecary was completely intact, even after being abandoned for several years.

Chinese herbologists(sp?) Have only identified 20% of these. Most of these herbs don't exist anymore
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We caught up with mark after and went to the grocery store. We spent too much time here but planned to make a big curry dinner together. We also got food for lunch and ate outside before riding to the weed store. This Oregon weed store was really nice and pretty affordable. I got a 1:1:1 cbd:thc:cbn(?) blended oil thing to try. It was later than I thought it would be, around 1 pm, and it was hot. Luckily it was still all down hill to dayville.

It's windy in these small canyons
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It still took a while, but we made it into town and stopped at the general store. It was another store that has no price tags and I would advise anyone to shop somewhere where you can at least see the price of the goods you are going to buy. This was the second time out west that we have been ripped off for a couple of c store drinks. We left and went back to town. We had lost mark earlier during the ride and found him out front of the (more reasonably priced) gas station. He was chatting with a couple gravel bike riders who were van camping and riding trails. One lived in bend Oregon and told us about how expensive it is getting. He said he had a good job and is experienced In his field and cant get a home there. The other was from Alaska and owns a bike shop. He has his own bike brand (fatback) and makes fat bikes. He was down on Oregon to test his new gravel bikes and they were awesome. Too bad I'll never afford them since they are titanium. We finally left the two guys to go find our church hostel. It took us a few minutes to find it, but we found the caretaker and she showed us around. Most of their appliances there were bought through bike tourist donations. They had a washer dryer, full kitchen and shower. We cooked up the curry meal and went to bed right after.

Inside the church hostel
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Altitude gain:581

the south does not have a patent on Redneckery
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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 3,751 miles (6,037 km)

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