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May 16, 2021

Day 4 - Mineral, VA to Palmyra United Methodist church

Found jesus

We left the Mineral fire department before breakfast so we could get a good start today. We were trying to make it to Charlottesville. I had contacted 3 or 4 hosts yesterday but either they were our of town or didn't respond. It was going to be another 65-70 mile day. We stopped on the road around 15 miles in to make oatmeal for breakfast.

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It was nice to break up the day like that. The mysterious snapping sound at the bottom of chub's left pedal stroke was gone today, so that's good. The terrain was becoming more and more "Appalachian". The cars were courteous on the road and we reached Palmyra at 1 and stopped at the grocery to get some food.

Big Hellman's
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A lady drove up and asked if we were the couple staying at their church tonight. We said no but we decided to stop by so we could eat out lunch and make plans. Once we arrived, we decided to stay since we could sleep inside and we figured it would be nice to meet some other riders. Around 3, David and Hank showed up. We hit it off pretty well. David is a retired plumber and Hank a former chef. We talked with David about building ideas and Hank showed us some of the art and woodwork he makes. They were both really insightful. They are travelling from Louisville, KY to Yorktown. They had been on the road for 2.5 weeks and we're sharing some touring tips with us. We had a tour of the church and met the pastor. They were really progressive and had a great community. We eventually went to bed around 9 and it was good to have half a rest day since my Achilles was bothering me a little.

Elevation gain:1300

David and Hank
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 174 miles (280 km)

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