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May 17, 2021

Day 5 - Palmyra United Methodist church to Crozet, VA

"the knack"

This morning we woke at 630 and left Hank and David from Palmyra church at 830 biking towards Charlottesville. My achelies was bugging me again today but got better as it warmed up. It started chilly but was nice and sunny, unlike yesterday. Va-53 beside montechello was super busy and hilly. Very pretty countryside though. Not sure why there is so much french influence here. We got our first glimpse of blue ridge.

First look
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We took a short cut on a montechello trail to go around half of 53 and got dropped of at 20 to go into Downtown. We found a Thai place on recommendation of a roadie. They had amazing seitan dishes and a great radio station with empire of the sun, two door Cinema club, and glass animals. There was a natural foods store down the road so we had to stop by. It's been hard to find good dried fruits, so we figured we should stop. Our warm showers host is in Crozet (crozeh) and she said there was a good supermarket nearby so we don't need to load up here. The roads to Crozet were extremely steep and narrow. The cars were courteous but annoying since we would need to periodically stop to let them go. At one point a cement truck passed us on an up hill. We were going about 5 mph and he was going about 7. 5 or 6 for cars also then passed us and it felt like I was trying to commit suicide by running a car in a garage. Having to breathe loads of diesel exhaust while riding up hills isn't pleasant. I also had to stop again because of cramps and a few times because my Achilles again but we made it to Crozet, stocked up at the true value with some hummus, guac, bread and veggies. We rode to our hosts house and let ourselves into the back yard. We didn't meet our host so it felt like we were breaking into a house to shower. Any minute I expected someone to confront us about being in their shower but everything went alright. I met a dog there who was apprehensive but became very good friends with me. I thought he would like a good chase/play and he ran away scared. I think I ruined our relationship.

I'm gonna miss him. I guess I don't know how to play with dogs. Don't they like a good chase?
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Elevation gain: 2400

Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 217 miles (349 km)

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