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May 15, 2021

Day 3 - Ashland, VA to Mineral, VA

Ow my bum

Total Maserati count: 3

Today we woke up at 5 but at least the rooster had a snooze button. He would wait about 10 min between alarms. We cooked oatmeal on the wood stove and made some tasty coffee. After using the facilities we packed up and left to ride into Ashland at 930. Ashland has a cool bike scene and farmers market on the weekends. After Ashland it was gentle headwinds and hilly going down to cross streams. The roads were fast and narrow but the infrequent drivers were courteous. Roadies were all over, so I think the locals are used to it. We stopped at a random church pavilion to make sammies with vegan cheese and hummus from yesterday with some foraged clover for veggies.

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We are trying to make it to the fire department at mineral tonight. So I need to check that out to make sure we can stay. We called to check but no one answers, so we will see. The ride continued towards bumpass and I was having some cramping in my side. Near a place called Buckner (hmmm) we stopped at a c store for some Gatorade. We went the wrong way for about half a mile and had to backtrack back to our turn onto hey 650. We went over lake Anna and the hills were tough (compared to Savannah at least). We were pretty beat when we reached the fire station. We decided to grab Mexican food across the street - which didn't turn out to be very good - and returned to the FD. They let us use the restroom (sponge bath) and we went to chill in the large back yard. Hope there aren't any fires tonight but they play the emergency radio broadcast on speakers outside, so hopefully that doesn't keep us up too much.

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Mary and I are both pretty sore so maybe we can do some stretching. We are going to try for about 50 miles to Charlottesville tomorrow so we can make it to the blue ridge the next day and camp somewhere up top.

Elevation gain today: 1780
Mileage: 50

Oddities in mineral: civil war era cannon being towed on a trailer, a model-T, and another classic car driven by an old dude in maga hat(this isn't really odd)

Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 144 miles (232 km)

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