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Narita to Fukuoka

Cycling the heartland of Japan

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
1,463 miles (2,354 km) over 38 days between Oct. 6, 2007 and Nov. 12, 2007
Arrival: PDX to Narita: our taxi is waiting! heart 0
Days 1 and 2: Narita to Ashikaga: Easing in gradually: cycle paths and river basins heart 4
Day 3: Ashikaga to Nikko: A humbling ride over Hosoo Pass heart 1
Day 4: Nikko: Rest day; time off for sightseeing heart 9
Day 5: Nikko to Oigami: On the Romantic Road heart 9
Day 6 : Oigami to Kusatsu: Hot spring heaven heart 3
Days 7 and 8: Kusatsu to Obuse: Down from the mountains heart 0
Day 9: Obuse to Matsumoto: The first of the great castles heart 5
Day 10: Matsumoto to Narai: Into the Kiso Valley heart 0
Days 11 and 12: Narai to Takayama: Hiding out from the rains in Little Kyoto heart 1
Day 13: Takayama to Shirakawa: Cold rain, switchbacks and drainage ditches: freezing our way down Hotoge Pass heart 0
Day 14: Shirakawa to Gujo Hachiman: Back in the sun again, and out of the mountains heart 0
Day 15 to 17: Gujo Hachiman to Kyoto: Skirting Lake Biwa: fishnets and manhole covers heart 0
Days 18 and 19: Kyoto: A sightseeing interlude heart 0
Days 20 and 21: Kyoto to Nara: After a flat 36 mile ride, it's time for another day off! heart 0
Day 22: Nara to Kobe: Traversing the endless city heart 0
Day 23: Kobe to Himeji: A visit to the crane castle heart 0
Day 24: Himeji to Tonosho: A brief stopover on Shodoshima heart 0
Day 25: Tonosho to Kotohira: Climbing Kompira Shrine heart 1
Day 26: Kotohira to Imbari: Across the top of Shikoku heart 0
Day 27: Imbari to Onomichi: Hopping across the Inland Sea on the Shinamami Kaido heart 0
Day 28: Onomichi: A layover day, for a loop ride to Tomonoura heart 0
Day 29: Onomichi to Hiroshima: A rather long haul, with a bit too much traffic heart 0
Day 30: Hiroshima to Miyajima: A gruelling ride to Shrine Island heart 12
Day 31: Miyajima to Iwakuni: Another short day, to another landmark sight heart 2
Day 32: Iwakuni to Tsuwano: We cross paths with the Velomad team heart 0
Day 33: Tsuwano to Hagi: An encounter with Matsumoto, touring cyclist heart 2
Day 35 to 36: Hagi to Fukuoka: Rushing for the exit heart 0