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May 4, 2022

Heading to Adair from Avoca

And more head winds, cold, and hills!

See the hills on the right. Note the tiny riders. That gives a clue about how long (big) the hills were.
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Windmill Farm. All sorts of farming!
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Taking a break out in the country!
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Rumble strips. A bikers good friend on a major road. But you don't want to get on them by mistake. It feels like a jack hammer would I think. However - its a great barrier between rider and traffic!!
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Ed StodolaYou got me to thinking about an e-bike in my future. Ed
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2 years ago
This was our view for 5o miles. Straight and hilly!
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Pretty much a repeat of yesterday without the detour. It was straight and hilly through miles of corn fields and large farms. Some beef cattle. Don't see any dairy though. 

Every day I appreciate my e-bike more and more. The combination of hills (up and down, up and down, up and down, etc.) and headwind were tough even on the e-bike. Those on regular road bikes had a pretty rough go of it.

We're staying in a B&B with no internet so this is a post a day later. But the house is huge, newly refurbished farm house. Hope cooked us a yummy dinner so all is well.

Tomorrow we add rain to the mix of wind and hills so we have decided to shuttle to Panora. We rented a UHaul for bikes, luggage, and three people leaving 8 of us to fit in the large van that is our support vehicle so we can do it in one trip!

Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 99 miles (159 km)

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Jim ConboyCindy, here's hoping I'm bringing better weather with me--see you Saturday evening.
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2 years ago
Sandra LawnHi Cindy

I’ve just written to Nancy to say I’m following her journal from my armchair in New Zealand…. after enjoying a few journals on the other site I check out the progress of those on Cycle Blaze and figure out your on the same rail trail trip.

Will be following you both looking forward to your tails on the trails and especially the pictures, one can never see enough pictures of other cyclists out there exploring and enjoying themselves

Hope the weather improves
Cheers from New Zealand
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2 years ago