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May 20, 2022

Demott to Winimac

Short mileage, good weather, a nice ride!

Another good day. The wind was in over our right shoulder. A nice combination of trails and county roads. It's really quite rural out here but not huge farms like in Iowa and Illinoi5. Smaller farms. More cows.

We are in the most amazing Tortuga Inn. John and I are in the German Cottage by ourselves. So cute. The others are in a combilation of rooms in two other buildings: Hope, Sharon, and Margaret in the Kite room and Stan in the Egypt room. Dave and Chuck upstairs in the same house as the Kite room (where we also had lunch and dinner yesterday), and Ken and Nancy in the same house as Stan but I don't know the name of their room. I mention all this because this spot is so unusual and delightful. The woman who owns and runs it is an artist and all the spaces are filled with her work and antiques, rustic furniture, and strange items.

This large turtle was on the trail. I wish we had put a foot near him so you could see his size. Bigger than a foot but we didn't know if he was a snapping turtle and we didn't want to get snapped.
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Bill ShaneyfeltGood call! Snapping turtles can really injure you.
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1 year ago
John's and my little cabin - the German House.
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And inside...not really a whole picture of the place but maybe gives you all the flavor.
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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 794 miles (1,278 km)

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