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July 23, 2022

Day 57: Rest day.

My day started with a breakfast from the bakery.

I got picked up from the campground at 9am for a manta ray snorkel tour. I had high expectations. 

First up, we did a snorkel on the reef before we went looking for the manta rays. It was a bit windy and cold, a great day all the same.

The water temperature was about 22 degrees Celsius.
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Our boat had about 20 people on board plus 4 staff.
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Seeing pretty fish makes me feel bad about eating fish all of the time.
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If I was a stronger person I would be a vegan, but everything is so tasty.

A giant clam.
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Kerrie McCarthySo cool ❤️
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3 months ago
2m grey reef shark.
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We were not allowed to dive under the water at the sharks in case we scared them. Otherwise I would have got a close up pic.

We then started looking for mantas. We had a spotter plane in the air to find them.

On the way we saw a dolphin pod.
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The plane spotted a solo manta ray and we jumped in the water quickly. The water was murky.

Right way up.
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Upside down.
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The manta ray was feeding by doing lots of backflips. It was very exciting to watch.

The manta was about 4 metres across. In the open ocean they may be 8 metres across.

We had many turns at watch the manta ray. It would intermittently do backflips and then swim around in a circle.

Then we spotted some humpback whales in the bay.

This is probably a male.
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Mike AylingGreat photo!
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4 months ago

I was fortunate to get this pic as he only did this once. I had held my camera at the ready for at least 45 minutes waiting for this majestic shot. Even the professional photographer missed it.

We then moved on to a female  humpback and her calf that were in the distance.

On the way there, I saw 2 dugongs swim quickly across the bow of the boat.

The big female humpback mother was swimming along gently and the small juvenile was jumping playfully around her.

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All of the boat staff were excited and said this rarely happened. There were many shouts of joy every time the juvenile breached.

It was another amazing day. Easily worth the couple of days detour of the main highway for this.

I love seeing roadside flowers and the red earth. This is a fantastic different experience. I am full of happiness today.

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Rich FrasierAn amazing day! Great pictures!
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4 months ago
Chris DAVIDSONAmazing whale pics there, destined for a cave!
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4 months ago
Kerrie McCarthyWow Vince, magnificent pics
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3 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you aunty.
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3 months ago