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July 12, 2022

Day 46: Robe River to Cane River

Start: 8:30 am
Distance: 61 km
Ride time: 2:57 hours
Average: 21 km/hr 
Max: 38km/hr
Finish: 12:20 pm

I slept well except for a silly truck driver sounding their horn as they went past. This has happened at other roadside rest areas. I think truck drivers don't like caravan drivers, so they do this to be mean.

The temperatures have been good the last week or so. It's about 10 degrees Celsius at night and about 28-30 degrees Celsius in the day time.

It's a good sleeping temperature and the day time riding temperature isn't too hot with a small wind. It makes for very pleasant riding conditions. 

I am still getting lots of waves from everyone. Almost at every place I camp with caravans, one person will say they have seen me further back down the road.

Crossing Robe River.
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Morning road pic.
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Veronica JoinerNice picture. Looks like an up hill bit.
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyYep, it was a little.
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4 months ago
I finally found some Sturt desert peas with black and red colours.
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A big mining truck.
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Toolunga Creek. This would be a nice place to camp except I hadn't done enough kms.
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I got off the road to let this big guy pass.
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I had a small tailwind again and the country continued with small undulations. 

I arrived at Cane River.
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It isn't flowing. The water pool was big enough for me to take some drinking water. And have a wash.

I had yummy rehydrated vegetables for lunch.
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I set up camp underneath the bridge in the middle of a dry part of the river. Normally this would be careless but it's the dry season and I'm not worried about being washed away.

There is no one else here. It's nice compared to last night's overcrowded rest area. Although this means there is no chance of a cold beverage from another camper.

I spent the arvo listening to the many birds by the river. I couldn't get close enough for pics.

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Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 2,820 km (1,751 miles)

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