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July 3, 2022

Day 38: 80 Mile Beach to Pardoo roadhouse

Start: 7:05 am

Distance: 106 km

Ride time: 4:56 hours

Average: 21 km/hr

Max: 36 km/hr

Finish: 1:15 pm

I struggled a little to go to sleep last night. It seemed like there was competition amongst other campers as to who can have their TV on the loudest.

Morning corrugations to wake me up.
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Pretty wattle shrub on the roadside.
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More pretty flowers.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMatches online images of desert star.
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill. What an appropriate name.
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5 months ago

Bill later identified this as a desert star. Thanks Bill.

Road pic.
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The road was mostly flat with some small rises and dips. At the top of the rises I could see sand dunes way off in the distance on my right.

The vegetation was mostly shrubs. No big trees.

This is the biggest tree I saw all day.
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The wind was still here and today was mostly a tailwind. It makes riding so much easier.

The road was busy with caravans and road trains. I got lots of waves. One car pulled over for a chat. I was happy to have a break off the bike. They were a French couple that had done some smaller bike tours. They were driving around Australia in 2 months.

Farewell to the Kimberley, hello to the Pilbara.
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I saw this sign prior to the roadhouse.
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I plan to stay at the De Grey rest area tomorrow night. I wonder whatever could it mean?

I arrived at the roadhouse in record time.

I sculled a juice and ate 2 spring rolls and 2 dims sims. I'm starting to crave vegetables. Hopefully I can get my fill in Port Hedland.

I put up the tent and had a wash then went back to the roadhouse for a couple of cold drinks.

Working in roadhouses is very busy work. There is never a quiet period. People keep coming in through the door. I wouldn't like to work in one.

The lady at the roadhouse said a cyclist stayed here about a month ago. He was a Tasmanian, doing a lap of Australia. 

I also heard of 3 Spaniards doing a lap of Australia a few days ago. I'm not sure where they are now. It's nice to here of fellow cyclists doing the loop. The Spaniards are meant to be 70 plus years of age and can't speak English.

It makes my ride seem so easy. Being in the country I was raised in etc.

I forgot to take a pic of my campsite. It was on lush green grass and only cost $15.

Today's ride: 106 km (66 miles)
Total: 2,184 km (1,356 miles)

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