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June 15, 2022

Day 20: Kalumburu turn off to Hann River

Start: 7:05 am
Distance: 55 km
Ride time: 3:54 hours
Average: 14 km/hr
Max: 28km/hr
Finish: 12:45 pm

It was another peaceful night with no other campers or traffic. 

As I was packing up a road train went by. It the first one I've seen on the Gibb. It was carrying hay and heading west.

So far the dust on the road hasn't been too bad. Usually there is a breeze and that quickly blows the dust away when the cars pass me.

The next town is still a few kms away.
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Tricia GrahamI admire you and feel tired as I read your blog with my morning coffee sitting in a comfortable chair. You will make it round the country this time!
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyHaha. Thank you Tricia.
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5 months ago
A dry riverbed.
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Today's road pic.
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Either a dingo or a wild dog. There's been lots of canine prints on the roadside.
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This plant had red flowers that stood out against the dusty vegetation.
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A creek with flowing water.
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A pretty bird on the edge of the river.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMatches azure kingfisher photos.
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill.
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5 months ago

I think it's a type of Kingfisher. 

Bill later identified this as an Azure Kingfisher. Thanks Bill.

Dusty red road.
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After about 40kms I came to the entrance to the Gibb River Station. Usually you can camp here but this season it's closed.

It is still a bit of an oasis for phone reception as you can get 4G here with Telstra. 

I was very happy to talk to Serena. I checked the weather forecast, for the next week it will be 30 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. Pretty good for the Kimberley. 

I rode for a further 15kms and arrived at Hann River. 

It has a good amount of flowing water.
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I found a spot free from crocs and did my usual wash routine.
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It was very exciting eating fresh fruit on todays ride. 

The last few days have been hilly and today was mostly flat.

I cooked up some lunch and was disappointed to see the o ring from the trangia had broke. I don't have a spare.

This means that I can't leave any metho in the burner while cycling or it will leak out. It is still operational as a burner.

I spent the afternoon sitting on the sandy river bank in the shade enjoying the serenity. 

Today's tree pic.
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Veronica Joinerbeautiful colours
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5 months ago

There are a few other campers here. I was able to find a spot where cars can't get to.

When I unrolled my inflatable mattress it had a grass seed protruding from it.
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I was lucky it was still in place so I could see where the hole is. I pulled it out and put a tube patch on it. I hope it works.

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Today's ride: 55 km (34 miles)
Total: 956 km (594 miles)

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