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June 14, 2022

Day 19: Russ Creek to Kalumburu turn off

Start: 8:05 am
Distance: 31 km
Ride time: 2:26 hours
Average: 13 km/hr
Max: 54km/hr
Finish: 12 pm

It was a peaceful night with no traffic. 

I love spots like this. 100kms from the nearest person. I think it was a full moon. And bird song woke me up.

It was a dewy night so some of my stuff got a little wet. I sleep with both of the outer tent doors open. This let in some of the dew.

I love these road signs.
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View from the top.
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A sandy creek with flowing water.
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Lots of trees on this section.
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This road is rough.
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Rodney PrestonGeez! Looks like a real tooth rattler!
You might need a mouth guard for this bit! 😁
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4 months ago
The Gibb River upstream.
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This looks like a good place for crocs. Nevertheless I need to replenish my water supply. I took it from a shallow flowing section.

Whilst at my bike I noticed a front pannier bolt was loose. I checked all the pannier bolts and found 2 more loose ones on the front panniers. It's a concern that could have been avoided if only I had used some Locktite. 

I will now check all the bolts every day while on the Gibb.

I saw some nice wattle flowers.
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I then returned back to the rest area. On the way back I stopped to view some aboriginal rock art. This isn't signposted. I only knew about it from another traveller. 

It was pretty cool.

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Unfortunately there was no information board.

When I was at the rest area, I met Ian. He had 'crazy old bastard' embroidered on his shirt. He is cycling the Gibb in the opposite direction to me. He was a nice friendly fellow. He is 65.

He had done a lot of cycling in Australia. Including cycling from Hell's Gate to Borroloola. We both agreed it is the worst road we've ever seen.

We spoke about bikes and gear. I offered him some fruit that I got from Logan. He politely declined saying I'll need it more than him.

Meet Ian and his Surly.
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Ian said he sometimes barters with tourists. He tells them his story and they supply the cold beer.

After he left I cooked up some lunch. It was good although I am bored of dehydrated food.

Two cars pulled in and invited me to lunch. I had a delicious salad wrap and a cold soft drink. Amazing.

Happy Vince.
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They also gave me 4 mandarins.
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I know you've all seen mandarins before but these ones were given in kindness and gratefully received. I am so happy right now.

Paul also offered me accommodation in Broome. So generous of people to be so nice when they have only met me briefly.

After they left I returned to my picnic table. A small tour bus pulled in and I was soon surrounded by people asking the usual questions. 

I think Paul was their guide. He used to work in a bike shop and was interested in touring. He was very keen that I could take whatever I required. 

He gave me cold gatorade, 2 bananas, 2 apples, and 2 oranges.
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He also offered me muesli bars and fresh vegetables. I declined as now I have plenty of fruit.

They were in a rush so I couldn't take their picture.
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Later another tour bus pulled in and offered me fruit and water. I politely declined. 

I hoped they would pass Ian and I was going to ask they give it to him. Alas they are going to Kalumburu and won't pass Ian.

Wow, what an amazing day!

I am having an easy day today and will enjoy the luxury of having a picnic table. I will camp here although there is a sign saying not to. I am assuming it doesn't apply to cyclists.

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Today's ride: 31 km (19 miles)
Total: 901 km (560 miles)

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