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June 13, 2022

Day 18: Ellenbrae Station to Russ Creek

Start: 8:45 am
Distance: 54 km
Ride time: 4:10 hours
Average: 13 km/hr
Max: 40km/hr
Finish: 2:05 pm

I had a late start today. The shop opened at 8am. I bought 4 ham, cheese, onion, and tomato toasties. Two for now and two for later.

The kind Station manager Logan, gave me 1 pear, 3 apples, and 3 oranges.
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This was very kind of him. I gleefully accepted. Fruit is one of the hardest food items to find in remote areas.

I wasn't sure where I would stay tonight so I filled up with 16 litres.

The bike lent over when I put the water on it. The stand bolts had come lose. I tightened one and it snapped. The other bolt had already broken. The stand fell to the ground.

Maybe I can find someone to weld it back on.
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Having a stand means I can leave my bike anywhere. Now I have to find something to lean it against or lie it down on the ground. It is heavy to pick up.

This is one failing of the Koga bike - they have used weak bolts.

Dawn Creek looked swampy.
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Today's road pic. My bike is leaning against a white road marker.
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I saw a few of these signs today.
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It seemed I was always going uphill with not much downhill.

The view looking back the way I had come.
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Today's little tree pic.
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Another swampy water crossing.
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This was only a few inches deep so I rode through it. 

Today I realised my lights were on. This prevents the Sinewave from charging my phone. 

I turned the lights off and I only lost a few % of battery. Much better than yesterday. 

This is Russ Creek. Swampy on one side.
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With little rock pools on the other side.
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There is a barely suitable camp spot 50m from the water. It is only 15m from the road. I will camp here tonight.

I could see there were no crocodiles in the rock pools so I had a wash and washed my clothes. Luckily no poor tourist drove past while I was doing it.

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Today's ride: 54 km (34 miles)
Total: 870 km (540 miles)

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